Nova A.I. Review: Surprisingly Accurate Auto Subtitle Generator

For me, one of the most tedious tasks in video production (in a one-man-operation) is adding subtitles.

I have been unsuccessfully searching for a tool that can help me achieve this task with the least amount of headache while still achieving great accuracy - and I'm happy to say that with out a doubt, Nova AI has taken this headache away.

I think a lot more work is still needed for this tool to reach it's full potential, which to be fair, are just extra bells and whistles but important non the less; right now, the editor still looks a little too basic.

That being said, I don't really see this as an issue, because for my needs, this app has already met my expectations. So please, regardless of the extra features the devs are looking to implement, don't mess around too much with the excellent the auto subtitle generator.


Hi paulrocio,

Thank you so much for your review and honest feedback. We highly appreciate it and are very happy to hear that Nova has solved your subtitling headache!

The subtitle generator is one of our favorite features too, so don't worry - we won't mess around with it ;)

As you say, the tool is not at its full potential *yet*, but we are continuously improving the product, adding new features and fixing bugs. You can see all of that + our public roadmap here:

Please don’t forget to vote for your next important feature there!

That’s the only way for us to build what users actually want :)

Have a wonderful day!