Podcast Pitch Kit

Lifetime Deal

Book podcasts now to showcase your expertise, grow your audience and make sales on autopilot

Podcast Pitch Kit

Lifetime deal

Book podcasts now to showcase your expertise, grow your audience and make sales on autopilot

One time purchase of
  • Podcast Pitch Kit Course

    One-time purchase of

    $27 $99
    • THE PODCAST PITCH KIT™ Templates, swipes, tutorials + everything you need to start booking podcasts
    • Press Page Build - will show you exactly what to include on your press page
    • Email Pitch Training - show you the pitfalls of most pitches
    • Submission tracker - help you stay organized with your submissions to know when to send out messages
    • One-click-import Trello board - assign it to your VA + show up + give a killer interview :)
    • 1 license to use the materials for your own personal/commercial use

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Selling way too fast

We buy a product to satisfy our personal need. She missed RULE #1 in sales and marketing. She wanted us to act on her behalf before delivering any value. Pitching us out of the gate created a bad taste in my mouth. $99 per month upsell was beyond my comfort level.

She has a nice voice and it appears to be a decent product, but she was far too pushy during the fragile sales cycle with a new customer.

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Hey Sumo-ling!

I'm so confused at your feedback. There is no $99/mo upsell. If you're referring to Podcast Weekly, which sends weekly shows to submit to {pre-researched}, that is either $20/mo or a one time payment of $97.

The Podcast Pitch Kit is designed to support YOU building out your pitches.

You know your business, I give you the templates.

Please email me so I can support you further or we can take steps to resolve this.


{also, we're not allowed to do upsells upon coupon redemption with AppSumo purchasers. you must be talking 1 potential upsell that's within the actual product, which is 100% optional}


Loved the Pitch Kit!

I loved Michelle's Podcast Pitch Kit! It was exactly what I needed to put together my content and plan to get more visibility in 2021!


Impressive but not what I am looking for

4 Tacos because the course has a lot of info, but only through specific parts. What I was expecting is to have a step by step from beginning to booked. For example, There is no where it mentions how to find and choose the podcasts to do your pitch to. and almost everywhere I went within the course page is an upsell. I understand that we all have to upsell something, but this is just over doing it. There is an upsell for a membership, there is an upsell to become an affiliate (as lesson within the course, when it should have been an email). There is even an upsell on how to create a press page and a one on one consultation. And then, there is the abandoned cart emails (not even personalized). It's a bit uncomfortable, with all these emails and pushing. Maybe I am expecting a lot, but most of the delivered info I already knew. This could be a great source of info for someone who never done any research or never even thought about this. However, credit goes to Michelle for the clear voice and confidence delivering info, enjoyed the videos, but it's just not for me.

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Hey there Learrn!

I really appreciate your honest feedback! I do see your point in showing how to research for shows. It's really hard to explain in a quick $27 course, which is why this is moreso focused on what is required to create + send a powerful pitch. {Like building your press page, building your email pitch, etc} But I will add a lesson in there on the search - I think that would be helpful.

I'm sorry the upsells are upsetting. I know my website automatically sends a cart abandonment email, but I'll see if it can be disabled.


Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your reply and yes an extra video to search and find the right podcast would be very helpful.

I don't mind upsells, I sold my courses to 100's of people and upselling helped a lot. It's just that Kajabi tend to over do it. I dabbled with them before then decided to go to another LMS.

I did enjoy your course and I see the point of selling it at $27. It's a really good information source (for everyone out there) for me I mostly I am already doing the same.

Thanks again and looking forward to your updates.



did you end up adding that lesson about how to research?


Hey! Just letting you know I added a video as a search tool to help look for shows! :)


The Ultimate PR Expierence

Nailing your pitch is the best way to ensure PR campaign success... but with all the information out there sometimes you can feel overwhelmed trying to get it juuuuuuust right. NOT ANYMORE. This kit was PERFECT in every way. I have been pitching (or trying) for months and after using it for about a week, I already got accepted onto a podcast I was hoping for!

Michelle left nothing out and truly put her heart and soul into this. I can't highly recommend this enough. It doesn't matter where you are in your PR journey, this is a great kit to have in your back pocket. It truly helps open doors!

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Aw, Laura! I appreciate you so much! Thank you for grabbing the Podcast Pitch Kit + I can't wait to see you book even more shows!!


Oh come on. Laura Rike is a personal friend of Michelle's. It took 2 minutes to find that out on Facebook. Then there are two reviews, one by wlprodinc and one by wlpwriter ... really? Both joined within 2 days of each other, one left a review the same day they bought it. And lewisntl left a glowing review saying " I already have a few leads on podcasts wanting to book me using Michelle's methods" on the same day they bought it! leslie082 left a glowing review 1 day after buying, team226 3 days after buying, and all these people except Lura have only bought one deal. This one. Stop trying to take us for fools. I'll be avoiding this one.

AppSumo, you need to police these reviews better. I trust pointing this out will not break your guidelines on rudeness or harassment - there are worse things than pointing out facts.


John, I appreciate your response + always want things to be trustworthy + transparent.

The two related emails are from a married couple who both use the kit.

Laura uses the Podcast Pitch Kit process with her entire PR team. Just because we are professional friends doesn't mean she doesn't use the product.

Most people buy this product + incorporate it within hours because they're ready to start pitching.

Feel free to contact AppSumo about me. I have nothing to hide + am proud of what I've created to support people with booking shows.


Michelle = Value

I just purchased this product, so I can't speak to it in detail. I have taken a quick tour of it, and everything listed is included and it is very professional. No skimping.

I'm in Michelle's Visibility group, and am really bad at keeping up. Nonetheless, she personally sent me a perfect guest for my podcast. She delivers.

Thank you, Michelle and AppSumo!

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Hey there! Thank you SO much for grabbing the Podcast Pitch Kit! I'm so excited for you to start booking shows + really appreciate your kindness.