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    Manage client work, request payments, and track hours with one user-friendly tool

    Drowning in tools just to get your work done can really make you rethink your career choices. (“My mom said I could do anything, so I’ve decided to nap.”)

    Most solutions are so confusing to use they require extra training for your team and are super challenging for your customers to navigate.

    You need one project management tool that’s powerful enough to get the job done, but simple enough to use without any headaches.



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    Manage all aspects of a project from one dashboard, including tasks, discussions, files, payments, and time tracking
    Connect tools like Google Docs, InVision, Figma,, and Airtable to streamline your team’s workflows


    Overview is a project management tool that helps you collaborate with clients, manage projects, and request payments. gives you everything you need to manage client work in one place, so you’ll never lose track of anything important again!

    You can access discussions, tasks, files, and notes for any project, and invite your team and clients to collaborate from one convenient dashboard.

    Plus, you’ll be able to track your hours for every project and request payments from clients, making it super easy to get paid on time.

    Project dashboard

    Access all your discussions, tasks, and files for every project in one place.

    With, you can create, manage, and assign tasks for different projects. To get started, just specify the task date range or create recurring tasks.

    Assign tasks to your team, upload files, and add comments to individual tasks, so everyone’s working on the right stuff, at the right time.

    You can easily track your team’s progress with multiple views, including calendars, timelines, and kanban boards.

    Task scheduler

    Schedule project tasks for your team using the task scheduler.

    Instead of using a separate chat tool, you can use the built-in discussion tool to collaborate with your team in real time.

    You can upload files, add emoji reactions, reply to comments, and tag people all within the same thread.

    Whether you reply to comments directly or through email, they’ll automatically be posted in the discussion feed.

    Discussions lets you chat with your team in real time, using emoji reacts, mentions, and comments. also allows you to connect your favorite tools and streamline your workflows in just a few clicks.  

    You'll be able to embed tools like Google Docs, InVision boards, or Figma files, so your team can access them in one location.

    Best of all, this tool's modular design lets you build any project space your way—without any complex layouts and hidden settings.

    Embed tools

    Embed tools like Google Docs, InVision boards, and Airtable boards to streamline your workflow.

    Collaborating with clients is hard enough without adding complicated project management tools to the mix. (“I think my client just invoiced ME for that hour of onboarding.”)

    Thankfully, lets you manage any project from start to finish with tools designed to make your work life a breeze.

    Manage projects the easy way.

    Get lifetime access to today!

    From the founders Intro Post

    Hi Sumo-lings

    I'm Matt Byrom, founder of

    👷🏻‍♂️ Why'd we build

    I originally created to scratch my own itch! It was developed over 10 years ago as an internal tool for my business.

    We needed a tool that would help us manage our tasks as well as chat with clients in 1 place.

    Many tools are good at tracking tasks (Asana, Todoist, Trello etc.) and many tools are good for chatting with people (Slack, Email etc.) but there aren’t many that combine these two.

    And for us, it was super important that we could keep all our communication, tasks and files in 1 pace so we didn’t lose things as our team grew. has enabled us to work on over 4,000 projects for 1,500 companies all over the world in the last 10 years. It’s been the backbone of our business and I want to help you make it the backbone of your business too!!

    🌟 What makes special?

    We find that other project management tools are often far too complex for new people to use. So if you invite clients they might use it for a bit but then stop using it after a while. This means you end up with an internal tool and communicate with your clients by email.

    This is where work becomes hard, things go missing and deadlines slip away.

    We want to fix this with To do this our guiding principles are:

    1. Zero learning curve for collaborators - We want to make it easy for new people to join & collaborate without needing training.

    2. Powerful - So you can manage your projects with a powerful set of tools.

    3. Flexible - So you can work in a way that works for your business.

    🛣 Our AppSumo Journey

    In 2019 we released the first public version of on AppSumo.

    We have now built and released V2 of We took everything we learned from V1 and built an entirely new version from scratch. So naturally we wanted to bring it back to AppSumo...

    This time we're bringing a load of new features and improvements:

    • Single page app so everything loads lightning fast

    • Fully modular - You decide which tools you need for each project

    • Real time discussions

    • Discussion threads & emoji reactions

    • Custom fields - Collect the data you need!

    • Recurring tasks

    • Powerful notes tool

    • Take payments through Paypal (as well as Stripe)

    • Fully white label (including custom domain & emails)

    • Zapier integration - Integrate with 5,000+ apps

    • New template gallery & template sharing

    • Gantt view - Coming before the end of 2022

    • Collaborative notes - Coming soon

    🌮 The deal

    Every code you buy gives you more "Creator" users and storage space. The "Creator" role is what you would typically assign to people who are part of your team. See more about roles and permissions here:

    Collaborator users (typically the role you give to clients and freelancers) are always free and you can invite an unlimited number no matter how many codes you buy.

    No matter how many codes you buy, you get every feature from our top plan: the Agency plan.

    🔹 What languages do you support?

    We currently only have an English language version of but we do hope to expand into other languages in the future.

    🔹 Can I import my data?

    Yes, we offer import from a CSV file.

    🔹 Can I export my data?

    Yes, we have the ability to export to a CSV file.

    🔹 What support do I get?

    We have a dedicated support chat and help docs that can be accessed from the button at the bottom right hand corner of every page in your account.

    🔹 Do you have a public roadmap?

    Yes, see our roadmap here: - Please vote and comment on things you’re interested in.

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