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Discover actionable data that will help you improve SEO ranking

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Great Support and Team!

Awesome quick support and helpful team! They were quick to answer my questions and this product has been working well for me. Thanks!


I love it and the support is amazing

I am relay impressed from the product and the quick support which I received.


Just Go for it!

I was a little skeptical in the beginning but after using it for sometime now I feel its worth it. I'm convinced of the potential the company holds and I hope they continue to improve the tool. What I really like is that its a one stop for many SEO tools, basically giving you lots of functionality. They have the potential to make the other SEO tools run for their money if they continue to improve it. I wish the team all the best!


Most People Secretly Thought This Is A Steal, Yet They Don't Admit it.

No one here on Appsumo beats me in term of visiting frequency to this RankWatch deals page. (so yeah, my review worth your 2 minutes).

# I need to stand for RankWatch with my words first.

For weeks, many crybabies ask for stacking and complained about the limited number of daily keyword allowances. And pretend they didn't have any interest to this deal, accusing the company about upselling more than value, even threaten the creator to not purchase this deal, etc.

But in the end, the code almost run out, be the crybabies purchase it or not.

In my experience, not every deal reached "remaining codes countdown" state. Once a deal hit that, it means the demand is great and the codes will soon be gone. But most deal only reached this state AFTER the AppSumo's email marketting, Never BEFORE that. Make this one an exception, and many actually value it (they simply realized the value).

# Pros, What I like

1. Their rank tracking was among the most accurate (I personally tested it against SERPWatcher from mangools, SERanking, SERPStat and manually compared the keyword live using google). In my case (not your case or every other people case), RankWatch is the most accurate of all.

2. The PageScore shown for each ranked url, so you will have the ability to quick look and notice that you still have room for improvement for "OnPage SEO" department.

3. 11 search engines are available. and for google it reachs out to my local country (that SERPStat did not yet).

4. Automatically tells which of your URL is responsible for certain keywords ranking ( just below the keyword ).

5. Integrated with google analytics, you can quick view the data.

6. Their white label report, most premium SEO tools will charge you not small amount of money for this function (yes, I am talking Ahrefs for example)

7. Competitor add preview ( quick look into your competitor top ads, this really helps)

8. the customer support experience was very warm and helpfull (thank you)

# The Cons:

1. Definietly the UI, they promise to deliver new changes based on angular soon. let's hope they deliver it soon.

2. User Experience, to begin with, it was very laggy compared to SERanking, SERPStat, and Mangools SERPWatcher, furthermore, you can't short out the tables variable, Really? (in this kind of era and time?). and more many butons that I didn't realize if they are buttons ( thanks to the webinar, I realized them).

3. The Hidden opportunity is a good concept, but apparently, most people can't use it (including me) since most site is not reaching out the standard that your company set. Please make it more usefull somehow.

# Summary :

You must really work out on the UI and UE (your biggest downfall compared to others).

Althought the product is nice (for ranking department), I am giving away 5 tacos not because of that, but because of the future potential it carries.

Hope you will take the footsteps of great products that satisfy their investors (e.g SERPStat, Mailshake)

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Great review. I hope RankWatch acknowledges and replies with some positive feedback!

Is there a Roadmap? If so, could you provide a link?


HI man, thanks for reading it.

I don't think they have a roadmap yet, as I could not find that in their site.

However, Vaibhav_RankWatch (the creator representative here on AppSumo) gave some information about their new UI ( have been in development since 6 months ago ), here's some links for you to take a look

I am not sure about what will happen with this deal in the feature, as you see, SERPstat has been a great investment for people who purchased, you know they always upgrade the tools for better, and just recently they launched Serpstat extension for chrome (which is a great addition). many great functions that unique to it. And now as they become great, adding many functionality, they want to increase the pricing. in long run, this deal worth more than 10 times its original price in AppSumo. (honestly speaking, It is like having an ahrefs lite account but you don't have to pay $99 per month), it will improve further in the future I believe.

If RankWatch could do more improvement in the future (Like Serpstat did), that is a great news. We may get something really great for a fraction of price.

If not, I don't consider it as a lost either, since anyone could make use that extra 100 keyowrds daily tracking with great accuracy, and for a lifetime. $49 well spend I believe.

100 keywords also perfect for a new website, we can see if certain content good enough to rank, and if not, we can manuver it quickly.

hope it helps.


Can't say I agree that most through it was a steal, most thought it was an up sell in waiting, without knowing the terms!


Action talks louder than words.

Proof talks louder than words.

The Proof Is Here, see the remaining codes countdown.

If it is not a steal, why do the codes almost run out?

again, steal is a subjective word, it really varies from person to person. But to purchase the deal is in itself an explanation that they believe the value of certain deal is equal to the money they spend, or more.

since you only bought 7 deals. I believe you are a newbie-ling.

What is wrong with upsell? Upsell in itself is one good reason many companies are willing to market their product on AppSumo.

Many companies in the past did upsell, from slidebean to SERPStat (way too many to count).

Even stacking in itself is a form of upsell I believe.

those companies offers an upgrade for they who are wiling to pay extra.

and for they who didn't buy the upsell, nothing happen, they still get the promised updates and benefits.

my point is, it is normal for companies those want to score some extra cash after they lost so much to provide crazy deals.

As you see, nothing wrong with upsell, because in the end, it is one reason we have the chance to get this amazingly discounted price, and it only affect they who interested in it.

Ow yeah, you don't need to buy RankWatch's deal, they don't need your money anyway. Likewise, you don't think you really need their product.

In the end, RankWatch is the winner I believe.

(they got the exposure already, saved their server power for lifetime, avoided the headache and support resources to deal with unworthy client like you)

they are more than happy to lost a client like you. (if I am in their shoes, I will think the same)


Quite happy with the or any upsell. I just think they could have been upfront and open about it from the start or early on. What it would be and that there would be one. Rather than the obfuscation over the upsell and stock answers they gave at the outset. They stated we couldn't buy 3 deals which we could, They didn't want to stack -entirely their choice and happy with that but they argued it was because you couldn't buy more than one deal so not stacking didn't make sense, this was prior to the upsell they disclosed.

Looking at the codes dropping other deals have gone quicker...

I think the software is fine I said that right from the outset, I won't buy it because of their engagement on here I prefer good engagement and people being upfront. I'd rather pay for something else, it's no ones loss theirs or mine. It's a free market and free opinion, as long as the opinion is honest and fair and not malicious or personal.

This says more about you than I..

"since you only bought 7 deals. I believe you are a newbie-ling."

and what I can't have an opinion?


I hated, but not anymore

I hated this deal since it was launched, but I started to love it, now I feel I can't live without it. Its accurate and they have lots of awesome tools.

Is this deal cheap for what they provide? A big yes, of course, 100% it's super cheap on any given day. Grab this before its gone.