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RecallGraph is a versioning data store for time-variant graph data.

Here’s a familiar pain point for many people: "I wish I had access to a specific past version of this (possibly deleted) record (address/insurance policy/claim/etc)."

RecallGraph solves this predicament by forever keeping a record of all the changes your data may have undergone.

It even lets you travel back and forth in time to get a view of your data as it was at a specific point in time.

With RecallGraph, you’ll never lose your old data because it can store and access older revisions of all your data in an instant.

Run graph traversals on historic data as easily as on current data.

With REST API, there’s also no need to learn yet another query language to access temporal superpowers -- call the API from anywhere, including servers and browsers.

Additional features include Recoverable Deletes, Purge, Import, and more.

Any data that you delete can always be restored unless its history is explicitly purged from the database.

You can also import your existing non-temporal data and begin tracking revisions from there.

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Like Git, but for data -- never lose your older data revisions again

ACID transactions for writes & point-in-time document lookups and traversals

REST API -- No new query language to learn; call the API from anywhere, including servers and browsers

Best for: Developers, DBAs, and data analysts who have a need for retention of historic data

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