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    Create 1000+ SEO landing pages with the SEO Generator plugin for WordPress. Now with Spintax feature

    Creating landing pages for SEO is a great way to boost your website traffic, but it can be rather time consuming. And even expensive if you’re hiring a copywriter.

    Not with SEO Generator!

    Now you’ll be able to create loads – literally thousands – of SEO pages in just a few clicks.

    SEO Generator is a WordPress plugin that generates a landing page for every combination of keywords and locations you can imagine, while you’re actually writing just one page.

    NEW: Now with Spintax

    Spintax is a technique used to create multiple variations of your content from a single template.

    It will help you create truly unique SEO pages with SEO Generator, even if you’re generating thousands of pages.


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    WordPress plugin that helps you create more SEO content in less time
    1000+ SEO pages with no duplicate content



    Use shortcodes to level up your SEO game.

    Smart shortcodes

    SEO Generator uses shortcodes to replace keywords and locations. Here’s how it works.

    You’ll write just one SEO text using shortcodes instead of keywords (or keyphrase) and locations. Next you enter a list of keywords and a list of locations. And the plugin will generate a page for every combination.

    You can use these shortcodes in the main text and headers, but also in the page URL, pages title, meta description and alt tags.

    New spintax feature

    With the addition of spintax, you can further diversify your content, ensuring that each generated page is truly unique.

    This enhances the effectiveness of your SEO strategy by reducing duplicate content and improving your website's search engine rankings.

    Get maximum results with minimal effort.

    1000+ SEO pages

    Let’s do the math together!

    Say you run a hair salon in Amsterdam. You’d probably be focusing on keywords like hair salon, hairdresser and hair stylist. Relevant locations would be Amsterdam, Museum Quarter (neighborhood) and Amstelveen (bordering town).

    The SEO Generator plugin will now generate 9 pages: 3 keywords times 3 locations.

    But you won’t have to stop there: 20 keywords and 300 locations will result in 6000 pages. With the same effort!

    SEO Generator will keep your website clean and fast

    Just one page in WordPress

    Of course, SEO Generator will not pollute your website with thousands of actual pages in WordPress. It will only create one page for every group of keywords and locations.

    For the SEO nerds, the plugin just creates URLs and adds them to the sitemap. When a specific URL is actually visited, the shortcodes will be replaced by the right keywords and locations in the frontend.

    You won’t have to worry about duplicate content.

    Actual indexable SEO pages

    Because the URLs, headers, pages titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and last modified dates of the generated pages are all unique, the vast majority of generated pages will be indexed correctly.

    Combine thit with the power of spintax and you'll never have to worry about duplicate content!

    Besides that, keep in mind that duplicate content is just a ranking factor. It doesn’t cause your website to be penalized. It’s just that Google prefers unique content.

    So, if you feel like writing thousands of unique pages (and actually have the time to do so). Go for it! If not, just write one great page and generate thousands with one click, with SEO Generator.

    Creating content for SEO can be a time-consuming process. So why not speed things up by creating 1000+ page at once?

    Get lifetime access to SEO Generator today!

    SEO Generator is about more than just keywords.

    Covering the SEO details

    SEO is about more the content and keywords. In fact, a lot of small details together can matter a great deal.

    SEO Generator has got you covered!

    • The plugin also creates archive pages that link to the generated pages, to improve internal linking.
    • A breadcrumb trail is added to every generated page, for the same reason.
    • A separate XML sitemap is created for indexing purposes, which you can also manually submit on Google Search Console.

    From the founders

    SEO Generator now has Spintax

    Hi Sumo-lings! 👋

    Spintax is here!

    Since SEO Generator launched on AppSumo about half a year ago, we’ve had quite a few feature requests for spintax.

    So, we listened to the community. And we just published version 2.6.0 of SEO Generator, with the brand new spintax feature. 🎉

    But what is spintax? It’s short for ‘spinning syntax’ and it’s a technique used to create multiple variations of your content from a single template.

    In short, it will help you avoid duplicate content issues and create truly unique SEO pages with SEO Generator, even if you’re generating thousands of pages.

    You can ‘spin’ words, sentences and even entire paragraphs. Moreover, you can also spin images, videos and even embed codes (e.g. from YouTube or Google Maps). And it will work in alt tags, SEO titles and meta descriptions, too.

    Are you using Elementor of Divi? Your spintax variations will work in most page builder blocks as well.

    Check our manuals with a step by step video on our website:

    Furthermore, we’ve fixed an issue where in some websites using Elementor, the page builder would take over the Archive page. The Archive page now lists all SEO Pages as intended.

    The updated version of the WordPress plugin is now live. If you've already downloaded a previous version, just login to your account on our website and download the latest version.

    Feel free to follow-up if you have any further questions, either in the AppSumo Questions section or by sending us an email at

    Keep ranking! 🚀

    Tim & Jeroen, SEO Generator

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