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November 18, 2021



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I feel disappointed

I am a follower of this person on his channel in youtube and I trust his content

But the quality of his content seems to be a thing

And what it offers us here is something else

As for the product, it is definitely promising

And I was happy when a new version of the program was launched

Unfortunately, the sumo community here is given one credit

You can use it in less than a month

And you will find yourself forced to pay a monthly subscription

I am very sorry for this move, and I do not advise anyone to buy the offer

I do not want to recommend alternatives to the product, as they are really many here in appsumo and they are working

The same or better work of this tool.

There is one more thing to note that the offer is not refundable, and this alone is a sufficient reason to not purchase the offer

Because if the product would convince you, the product would be left refundable


Horrible Product, Waste of Money

First time in my blogging career, I saw the worst SEO tools like this. Useless and time-consuming. Even I would not use it free if I had. Unfortunately, I wasted my money here. Refunds are also not available. This is very sad. AppSumo should give a refund period for all products they list.


waste of money

I don't recommend it, the tool is hopeless. Badly matches keywords.

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Thank you for the review I was thinking about buying it but no more


needs improvement

maybe the app will improve in the future, idk?... I will not buy another app that is non refundable I ignored that warning it won't happen again!

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Thank you for the review I'm definitely not going to buy it


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