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Analyze text data faster and generate valuable insights with semantic AI

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Lifetime deal

Analyze text data faster and generate valuable insights with semantic AI

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License Tier 1 : $69
License Tier 2 : $139
License Tier 3 : $279

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • License Tier 1

    One-time purchase of

    $69 $1,069
    • All features above included
    • 5,000 monthly credits
    • 5 filters available
    • 10 versions available
    • 1,000 rows per survey
  • License Tier 2

    One-time purchase of

    $139 $6,984
    • All features above included
    • 20,000 monthly credits
    • 10 filters available
    • 50 versions available
    • 5,000 rows per survey
    • Subtopics with AI-powered subtopic suggestions
    • Multilingual mode
    • Re-import
    • Originality score
    • Sentiment analysis
  • License Tier 3

    One-time purchase of

    $279 $9,000
    • All features above included
    • 100,000 monthly credits
    • 20 filters available
    • 100 versions available
    • 10,000 rows per survey
    • Subtopics with AI-powered subtopic suggestions
    • Multilingual mode
    • Re-import
    • Originality score
    • Sentiment analysis

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Updates from SimpleX
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Well deserved the review & the investment

I needed a research analysis software and I couldn't find what really fit my requirements but SimpleX addresses more than what I need and it is amazingly super fast to load the analysis result of 1000s of data rows... literally in seconds.

The wizard in the beginning is super super useful and eliminates the learning curve complications, very well thought of indeed and a "should be followed" method (I wish other SaaS founder take it as an example)

So here is what you get if you're still thinking about it:

- You create a survey analysis

- Chose between "Step by Step" --> this is what I use, or Fast

- The wizard will take you through the following steps:

* Select your data file (Excel, CSV)

* The file will be identified in second, then you should select the worksheet

* Select which column contains your review text

* Follow the next steps to choose your filters (Ratings, likes.. etc.)

* Finish and get your data dashboard in no time!!!

The analysis will be presented with so many controls to the left and right of the dashboard, but since you start with the wizard, things will become so easy to keep tweaking and tuning the filters and I bet, the first thing you'll start with is the keywords, since it's getting extracted from all the reviews, but in my case, I tested the platform with a restaurant review research, a list of restaurants and reviews, and it was easy to select any of them from the "Name" and then chose the keywords.

What I really wanted to see:

- More visualization and chart customization in the Keyword associations

- Number of result in the Keyword's filter and ability to sort them.

And, Thanks Stephane for addressing the limit concerns & I wish you all the best

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Hey Zaki

Thanks so much for the review. Definitely useful feedback both on what we do well and what we could improve. And reporting is definitely in the roadmap (expect some news pretty soon)

Please keep on providing us great feedback on our roadmap & feedback page


Very useful tool

Pulled 4.5k comments from feeder to help tag and drill down into course feedback for a client. Very easy to use with decent output both visual and textual. I feel like I have only scratched the surface of this tools usefulness. Some deep dive videos would be useful.

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Thanks for the great feedback and the advice, categoryx.

We'll sure do our best to live up to your expectations!

Do not hesitate to regularly visit our Knowledge Center


Review from a Researcher

As someone who has been in the market research field for nearly 30 years, this software solves a real problem in coding open-ended questions. I tried it out on a current project, after buying Tier 3 (and thank you for expanding the credits as that was really the ONLY hesitation I had, so the prior review that talked about how low the credits are really is no longer valid). There are ample tutorials on how to get started and the software works as promised and seems pretty accurate. A different earlier reviewer gave a very detailed and professional review, and I would concur with their review rather than repeat similar thoughts here. Thanks for providing this solution!


Useful service. Unusable limits.

Why am I only the second reviewer?

* SimpleX works. It works well from what I've seen.

* Limits really are as small as they appear.

* I bought Tier 2. I could only analyze 3,000 rows of a 12,000+ row spreadsheet. Yes, that's what the Tier says it can do. But really? 25 years ago I was analyzing spreadsheets with more rows of text than that. Not with the power of SimpleX, but not with the limits.

* With this one analysis, I used 3,000 of my 5,000 monthly credits.

* So, anyone who wants to use SimpleX for more than a hobby -- even the Tier 3 limits are unrealisting.

* Here's the thing: SimpleX seems to do what it's supposed to do, but is VERY limited on credits. The company is touting SimpleX as the alternative to spreadsheets for text analysis. And that's great! But if you were analyzing numbers, would you be happy if you were limited to 3,000 rows of data per spreadsheet? Or 5,000 rows of data per month, total?

> Something has to change for SimpleX to be usable. If compute power is the bottleneck, maybe the answer is to offer a Windows/Linux/Mac app with no limits instead of a cloud service. That would get a 5+ taco rating from me.

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Thanks for your feedback, Gourmet.

Your point on sustaining the comparison with Excel is spot-on.

Feedback is a gift. We agreed yesterday with the team to upgrade the limits of each plan, namely:

Tier 1: 5k

Tier2: 20k

Tier3:m 100k

It should be reflected in the Deal terms on the PDP pretty soon, hopefully today.

Maybe these new lilmits (that apply to existing deals of course) will be enough motivate you for another review regardign the " it works nicely" part 😉 .


Your desktop app suggestion is interesting tough.

But the bootleneck here is not the app but rather the AI algorithms that requires GPU to provide usable latency... not sure it would fly on desktop.


Amazing, Powerful QDA Software

As someone who has deployed countless qualitative and quantitative research programs that have run the gamut from online surveys to in-depth interviews, to facilitated workshops, SimpleX hits all the marks and checks all the boxes of a SUPERB QDA tool.

This tool is for a very specific user—those who conduct research and seek to gain very deep insights from data. Unlike other "one-and-done" tools, SimpleX gives control to the user to ensure the output is of high quality, integerity and caliber.

Here's what I love:

• Simple, step-by-step, import process makes it easy to format your data and import it into the tool. No guesswork for how your columns and rows should be labeled.

• Nearly instantaneous analysis. Other tools may take several minutes or hours. Importing a data set of ~300 responses resulted in an analysis within 3-5 seconds.

• Answer-splitting: If a respondent provides a paragraph answer that highlights two or more differing topics, SimpleX allows you the ability to split the answer up so that you can label each response to a specific tag.

• Artificial Intelligence: The tool utilizes one of the best semantic models I've seen, automagically filtering and applying tags to similar topics, themes or contexts. The AI goes further by even recommending responses that fit your topic clusters, or findings "similar responses" in the data set.

• Versioning: HUGE benefit. Data is only as good as the manner in which it is interpreted and sliced. By including versioning, you are able to uncover multiple angles for insights.

• Filters: This is something that is gravely missing in some of the other tools offered on AppSumo (Kimola, Pivony, Deep-Talk). SimpleX allows you to create filters within your data based on categories such as Date, Location, etc.

The features that make this tool strong:

• Tools like SimpleX that have been on the market longer are very expensive and mostly tailored toward market research companies that hold corporate accounts. They are often clunky and difficult to maneuver because of poor UX/UI. SimpleX is very clean, and simple to use for the level of control it gives you.

• Many AI-focused QDA software gives users the ability to leverage machine learning, NLP, and machine vision to analyze text responses. The problem with this is that algorithms can frequently mislabel or mis-categorize because it can't understand contextual clues. SimpleX puts control in the users hands by allowing the user to adjust labels and tags, or create new tags. It allows you to re-organize the data that the AI spits out into categories and topics that make sense for you and your clients.

Here's what I'm excited about:

• I'm excited about the upcoming reports feature and am hopeful that I can share a publicly-viewable, interactive report with clients.

Great job on this tool and can't wait to follow along on its progress.

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Hey krstffr

🙏 so much for this comprehensive review. It is so not only super rewarding to read your positive review but also comforting to see our distinctive assets so well highlighted.

Actually you phrased it better than we do!

Can't wait to hear your feedback from our soon to come report feature (should not take months...)

Thank you from the entire SX Team


Hi Stephane:

Considering krstffr's excellent review...

WHERE are other reviews?


Thank you for your high-competent review. ;)