Six Figure Freelancers Accelerator

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Six Figure Freelancers Accelerator

Lifetime deal
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  • Six Figure Freelancers Accelerator

    • 12 Training modules with 30+ video lessons for building a profitable small business
    • 10+ Hours of total content, worksheets, & lessons
    • Video interviews with location-independent business owners
    • Worksheets, templates, & checklists
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Hey Sumolings!

Kate here—designer, business coach, nerd, travel junkie, lover of fish 🌮🌮🌮🌮... I'm the creator of Six Figure Freelancers, as well as a fellow freelancer and AppSumo addict.

A few years ago, while traveling with Remote Year, I met a ton of super-talented creative people who just did NOT know how to get good clients—at least not consistently—and an idea was born.

See, once upon a time, I had no clue how to find great clients either…

It wasn't until I wasted a boatload of money on an MBA, a TON of time growth-hacking at startups, and copious amounts of energy following every freebie that I finally figured out how to build a profitable business of my own.

I'd attempted to freelance (as a designer) a handful of times, but always seemed to attract my fair share of "Make the Logo Bigger" clients or projects that brought in pennies per hour.

But in 2014, I'd had enough and dedicated myself to finally getting it right. I built a very simple brand and that year I earned a little over $100K from my living room—working with just a handful of clients!

So what'd I do differently this time?

Well, first I got exceptionally clear about what I wanted in my life and why it was a MUST for me to run my own business and make great money.

Then, I stopped thinking like a freelancer and started building a brand.

I got clear on WHO I wanted to work with, WHAT they needed help with, and WHY they would work with me over any other freelancer.

And it worked - I haven't had a client from hell since!

And I'm gonna teach you how to do just that, along with even more amazing stuff, like how to master your mindset so you can get out of your own way and earn what you're worth.

There is a TON of work out there, freelancers, if you know how to find it. And you SHOULD make great money doing what you love.

EVEN if you've never run a business.

EVEN if you hate marketing and selling.

EVEN if you're full of self-doubt.

EVEN if there is a global quarantine and you're scared shirtless. :/

Which is why I decided to partner with AppSumo in 2020 for our first deal (, which allowed us to meet 1000 new freelancers and business owners who had great success using these same strategies!

Since 2021 is the year of "The Great Resignation," we thought we'd bring back the deal to help you get started on your corporate escape plan.

This deal is for you if:

💥 You're running a small business—like a consultancy, coaching practice, or agency—and you want to land better clients consistently, OR

💥 You want to replace your salary with a service-based business you can run from the beach, but are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

I'm gonna help you build a foundation for getting to $100K so you can design a life and business you love.

Can't wait to meet you,