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Grow your YouTube channel with easy-to-use tools

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SocialBook Builder

Lifetime deal

Grow your YouTube channel with easy-to-use tools

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    $59 $400
    • All features above included
    • 1 YouTube channel(s)
    • Tracking on 6 competitors
    • 3 trending alerts
    • 10 tag lists
    • 20 keyword ideas
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    $118 $800
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    • 5 YouTube channel(s)
    • Tracking on 12 competitors
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    • 20 tag lists
    • 50 keyword ideas
    • 3 subaccounts
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    $177 $1,200
    • All features above included
    • 15 YouTube channel(s)
    • Tracking on 18 competitors
    • 9 trending alerts
    • 30 tag lists
    • 100 keyword ideas
    • 10 subaccounts
    3 Codes
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The biggest hominem,,,from a FOUNDER??!!

After purchasing (4) codes, I excitedly initiated my experience with this software. As I was connecting to all social platforms, the FOUR Business accounts that I own failed to connect. As we are 'instructed to do', I reached out to the founder for help, and his brief/sarcastic reply (paraphrased)....." the software only works with LEGITIMATE business accounts but for YOUR education, here's a TUTORIAL..." not verbatim but close enough.

My question, "Mr. Founder", -- Does that TUTORIAL explain why you charged $300 for a chrome extension that does ABSOLUTELY minimal, and in order to even get HALF of the expectations claimed in the description, a user will have to pay I guess another King's Fortune and be willing to accept condescending replies when asking for assistance, Mr. Founder???!!!

Based upon the repetitive questions you've received on the lack of quality and the things notably missing when compared to similar products on the market AND the shear obvious LACK of positive reviews.....for that matter, I had to scroll quite a while before I saw ANY reviews that were written in 2022. And TO THAT POINT....for you to be BACK on appsumo - CLEARLY shows this product is struggling.....hmmmm....wonder why?!

I STRONGLY advise my fellow sumo-lings - to purchase with caution and make absolutely sure you test this product within your 60-day refund period because there's a STRONG possibility you will have to enact that right.

All monthly subscriptions can't be replaced with LTD - I have a whole different level of appreciation for TubeBuddy and VidIQ!

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Hey there TessMD, Carolina here from AppSumo!

I am sad to hear that your experience with SocialBook Builder is not what you were expecting. I have read your review and will make sure to contact the partner. Meanwhile, we hope you are able to find a solution, if not, there's gotta be at least another tool in our market that may better provide you with what you are looking for!



I had high hopes for this tool and fully stacked the codes. But you can't access anything without going platinum and I stacked 5-6 codes. It is honestly unfair to have all the crucial tools or ad ons blocked.

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Thanks for your feedback. SocialBook builder is for YouTube creators to manage their channels and SEOs. If you are a brand looking for finding the best influencers, you would need to try directly.


Kinda poorly made

Finding a lot of bugs and errors inside the keyword plugin. Also the actual APP via their website seems pretty trash :\ - Just managed to find the chrome extension. Working with it now but not holding my breath as Ive found a few bugs.

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Hey there Sumo-ling,

Thanks for letting us know about your experience with SocialBook Builder. After trying it out for a couple more days were you able to find features that you find helpful?


We do not have a keyword plugin and what app are you talking about on the website.

We only have one app right now and you can download it here


This deal is only for Chrome extension?

This deal is only for the Chrome extension?

I got a full stack of codes...

Support says, yes...

"We have lots of tools, but the plan on Appsumo is for our chrome plugin SocialBook builder,"

Even the Chrome extension couldn't log in, support didn't even respond to the issue I have.

So, on the Brand Tools

Influencer Marketing Suite > Need to upgrade

IG bulk DMer > needs to upgrade

LinkOne > One free year

As Influencer option tools

same things

all the tools are with an upgrade option.

All the options to search for Youtube channels and Instagram or any other single feature, need to upgrade or not working.


is my email to support wasn't clear enough?

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We have lots of offerrings, but the plan on Appsumo is for our chrome plugin "SocialBook builder", which you can install from

You can use it inside YouTube creator studio, and here are the tutorials:

You can also go to to see what plans you have.

let me know if this answers your question!


Probably great, but...

Hmmm... I'm disappointed

I bought this along with Tubics.

I was immediately faced with three errors:

1) when I connected my IG account, I was given data for someone else's account (not why I bought it but interesting).

2) My very first Tag search came back with an API overload error

3) When searching for keywords it showed me 10 keywords then told me to upgrade to see more... Hmmm What about the unlimited keyword factor?

I contacted support about all 3 of these things I DID get a reply, but only about my IG account - nothing else. When I replied & said that was the least of my concerns, I never heard from them again.

Unfortunately, 3 tacos & a disappointing refund request.

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Its been several month already! We have got a huge quota approval from YouTube! So try it now again no more API error!!!