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Sociazer Social Media Tracking App

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • Sociazer Social Media Tracking App

    • Monitor your competitor’s performance by analyzing their social profiles
    • Get professional reports on Top Posts, Day by Day Followers, Engagement, & more
    • Create insightful reports you can call your own with custom branding
    • Track detailed statistics about your Followers, Following and Upload count day by day
    • Compare social media accounts by simply adding their usernames
    • Get weekly email reports to track your progress
    • Export generated reports to always-ready PDF files
    • Unlimited search queries
    • Track unlimited Facebook accounts
    • Track unlimited Twitter accounts
    • Track unlimited Youtube accounts
    • Track unlimited Pinterest accounts
    • Premium Support

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December 03, 2020



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Pretty much useless

All it does is record how many likes you gained and watch for the page for projection. Their ,main product is just a feature for other social media analytics platforms.


Not there

Sociazer does collect data point.

But it collects ONLY when you enter that specific saved favorite.

So if you are busy and have not looked at the favorite for a week, there will be no data for that week.

And if you have 20 favorites, you will need to check each of the 20.

Next, the Facebook favorites gives the error "Error! We could not get all the details about the page properly." 80% of the time.

Lastly, the graph it produces does not have the right math. Although the data points were captured from random days (depending on which day you checked the individual favorites), the data points are calculated as equal intervals. So the data with 1 day gap is presented the same as 1 week gap, giving you a false representation of the trending.

So in summary, Sociazer might save you time from "keeping" stats of the social media accounts you are interested in, but nothing more. It doesn't do real analysis and does not do automatic daily check (or even email you). I am giving it low score for its usefulness, its frequent errors and its false advertisement.


This is what I'm looking for!

Oh, I love it. Even the Seonify, I'm going to get the ifinancer too!

I hope Tetiana and her team will maintain/update all their web-apps because it helps me greatly with social media and reporting analysis. Kudos!