SSEOZI: Your Professional SEO & Web Analyzer Tools

Lifetime Deal

A complete workflow for any SEO specialist

SSEOZI: Your Professional SEO & Web Analyzer Tools

Lifetime deal

A complete workflow for any SEO specialist

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  • SSEOZI: Your Professional SEO & Web Analyzer Tools

    One-time purchase of

    $19 $49
    • Find your current rank on Google & Bing for all of your keywords
    • Displays the top search queries that lead visitors to your website
    • Scrapes Alexa to find your current global rank
    • Uses Google to find your competitors for a specific keyword
    • Displays the estimated monthly search volume, CPC, & market value
    • Finds the most common words or phrases on your webpage
    • Calculates the total number of pages that Google & Bing
    • Runs a speed test on your website & provides a score, along w/ PageSpeed recommendations from Google



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I am disappointed in this product as just days after the refund period ended, the SSEOZI web page has been suspended. Therefore, I am unable to use this product, and I can no longer get a refund. Yet the product is still being sold on Appsumo. Hopefully this is sorted out soon.


Doesn't work as intended

The application doesn't work as it should. The SERP ranking calculation is wrong, and it is not very different from searching the keyword directly in Google. It always shows a message similar to "the domain cannot be found in Google results", even if the domain is in first place.

I was expecting a more graphical interface, with useful reports to validate SEO management. None of that is in the app.

I had to ask for a refund.



Only shows basic data that you can get from Googles keyword planner too and not enough data:(


Amazing tool!

I have grown very fond of this SEO app. It's my go to when I am writing copy for my website or a blog. It identifies where your website/topic/keywords rank, what keywords are hot, and give you the top searches on your topic and what search terms were used. That way you can target your blog or website to those terms, and get more people to your webpage.

There are so many tools offered, admittedly, I have not explored all of what this very great app offers. I can say, based on the tools I have used, this app has given me an edge that is crucial in market position. 5 Taco's all the way. Don't miss out on this really incredible deal.


I love this product - its a deal

I am a beginning blogger. This product looks lightweight and maybe not as fancy as some of the other great products I have bought but it is very functional so it is an awesome deal. An example?

1. Will a link add value to my post? I enter it in here and get the domain authority if it is below say 40 I decide not to link to it

2. I don't want to link to my competitors article but what links are they linking to that adds value to their post with the same keyword?

a. First I enter my keyword to look for competing articles/sites

b. Then I google one of the articles and sites to get the direct web link as SSEOZI does not provide the direct link

c. Then I add the whole domain of that link under [manage domains]

d. Then I lookup the links on that page -

e. When I see a link that looks interesting like it would be a good link for additional parallel non competing type reference to add to my article then I go back to step 1 and look if it has enough authority for me to use it.

Basically I was able to answer these questions for $19 one-time fee, which is a great deal imo. Thanks SSEOZI!