WorkHub Tasks

Lifetime Deal

Increase customer retention with WorkHub Tasks

WorkHub Tasks

Lifetime deal

Increase customer retention with WorkHub Tasks

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  • WorkHub Tasks

    One-time purchase of

    $90 $1,404
    • Ticket creation and management
    • Ticket creation from emails
    • Ticket creation from chat messages
    • Departments and teams management
    • Visibility rights management across departments and teams
    • Customer logins to track their tickets
    • Create SLAs and share notifications
    • Ability to create filters and have quick view of tickets
    • Ability to have own tickets, team tickets, group tickets, and tickets where user is collaborator
    • Workflow management
    • Prepared and saved responses
    • Brand customization
    • Extensive stats management
    • Files upload and management
    • Ability for users to call any agent
    • Ability to collect tickets and tasks directly from website via widgets



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Just upgraded from WorkHub Connect to Tasks, thanks team!

I have been using WorkHub Connect for a few weeks and now decided to upgrade and add Tasks as well. This is a complete ticket management solution and I was pleasantly suprised by the depth of the product at a super amazing price. Thanks AppSumo team for adding this and thanks WorkHub team for creating this at such a fair price!

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Thanks a lot.