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    • Integrate with Google and Microsoft accounts
    • Display and hide all events associated with your account
    • Select from horizontal, vertical and monthly views
    • Fully customise your Year Glance calendar
    • Change app language
    • Print as a wall planner or print to PDF
    • Your event data is secure, only you can access and see events
    • Stack 2 codes to receive the following:
    • Plutio project integration and all future project management integrations

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November 08, 2021


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I think it would be a great product if it had features similar to

• Unlimited number of viewers

• Password protection

Upload subcalendars

• Upload files and images

• Custom Fields

• tags per event

• 10 years of data history

• Option to add more subcalendars and custom fields

I would like to know your roadmap

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and geolocation of events.


Hi Wopp,

Thanks for your suggestions.

The big difference between Year Glance and TeamUp is that Year Glance does not create calendars, sync or store event information. We simply deliver Google & Microsoft calendars in a much clearer year view than their respective apps do. We also add lots of ways to customise the calendar but all the event data is in the original calendar. So we do not have the ability to add custom fields, tags, subcalendars, etc.

Once you connect your Google / Microsoft calendar account In Year Glance, it brings in events from all associated & shared calendars on that account. We have customisations including changing colors, font sizes, show/hide partial day events, and heaps more.

All our support documentation is at

Our roadmap is at

We are doing major work on both support section and roadmap as we speak.

The next major features we are working on are embedding calendar code for website insertion and save multiple layouts.

Please reach out if you have more questions.



I'm having difficulty using this for my intended purpose with my work Outlook calendar, because it requires admin access. Is there some work around I could use?

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Hi Mobius,

Thanks for your message. Another user had the same issue and our developers are investigating this. It may be a new issue if Microsoft have made some changes recently.

In the meantime, a workaround (less than ideal) is to share your Outlook 365 calendar to a Google account calendar.

We know this is less than ideal but we are onto it.

Send a message through our support system and we can keep you in the loop there.




Is there a way to customize the monthly view?

Specifically, I would love to be able to see the year in two rows, with six months in each row.

This would be especially helpful for anyone who is working in fields related to education, which follows a semester system.

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Hi Daniel,

Great question. At this stage, the most months in a row in monthly view is 3, because it is the most that can comfortably fit on a wide desktop monitor. But we could look into changing this as a configurable option for printing. Would you like this added as a feature request?




Can I use apple calendars?

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Thanks for your question. Not at this stage. It's been harder to implement so it's been on the backburner but we will revisit it. The workaround for now is to subscribe your iCal in Google Calendar or Outlook/Microsoft Calendar (if you have an account for either), then it will be available in Year Glance.


Team Year Glance,

A few comments:

* Orientation looks good on screen

* Please update your help section to accurately reflect your product. For example, you replaced "Print Bare Bones" with "Print Borders Only." Link:

* Improve speed of month changes; slow or gets hung up for a bit

* Print dialogue box gets hung up on Safari

* More header options

* More print settings before printing - calendar just scales to paper size and doesn't actually fit the entire calendar. For example, a 5-6 month calendar prints on US Legal paper in four sheets and only shows 12-15 days in landscape. Scaling only makes it smaller and doesn't adjust as you would expect if you used Excel where scaling increases the number of columns on the page.

* Generate a print preview in the account

* Offer templates and themes; 12-month, semi-annual, quarters, monthly,

* Print dialogue box doesn't always appear or is very slow to show

* More export options (PDF, JPG, PNG, PPT)

* Getting to print a quarterly calendar is not intuitive; still easier using Outlook

* Multiple "This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred" on Safari

* Sometimes the error above would reset the calendar connection; need to click the 'connect calendar' button, all other settings kick back in

Overall, needs work.

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Thank you for your feedback and comments.

I am not sure what device, OS or version of Safari you are using, so printing options will differ. The desktop version will give the best options for printing and Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Firefox has produced the best results for us.

Speed might feel a bit slow when new calendar event data is being imported from your Google / Outlook calendar eg. when you change starting month or year.

We like your idea about more exporting options and will add it to our roadmap.

We value your feedback and want to continue to work with you to keep improving product.


Please also ensure your browser is up to date. We found this to help fix some of those little niggles.