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Year Glance

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  • Year Glance

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    $79 $790
    • Integrate with Google and Microsoft accounts
    • Display and hide all events associated with your account
    • Select from horizontal, vertical and monthly views
    • Fully customise your Year Glance calendar
    • Change app language
    • Print as a wall planner or print to PDF
    • Your event data is secure, only you can access and see events
    • Stack 2 codes to receive the following:
    • Plutio project integration and all future project management integrations

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November 08, 2021



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I was of the understanding that this would be a simple program to install, I didn't bother after all the stuffing around, codes redirecting and constant badgering to purchase more just pissed me off

All I wanted was a simple solution, running my own business I don't have the time to waste and I will consider something other

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Hi Neil,

Sorry it's been a poor experience for you. This is the first time we've heard from you about this and I'm not exactly sure what problems you've experienced. If there are any problems, we're easily contacted through our chat support.

Using Appsumo codes to get lifetime access is standard practice for most software on this platform. I'm unsure what you mean by badgering to purchase more. That is not a feature of Year Glance!

All the best,



I luv it!

The year view is so impressive, it instantly changed the perspective I had on my life. I also really loved the use cases about (personal life and work on your homepage), they instantly convinced me.

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Thanks nocaoper!

We're so glad you get the benefits that we hoped since we first developed this;

Focus and clarity for the year and planting sustainability into our lives with real work/life balance.

Please reach out if there is anything we can do to keep improving Year Glance!



Exactly What We Needed!

We are so happy to have found Year Glance! As a venue, we need to see all of our events and deadlines for the whole year. Year Glance has helped us be able to do this and made business so much easier!

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Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for your review. We are so glad that our app was able to help you.

Feel free to send us an email for more questions or recommendations.