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Money's tight right now.

You're right, $300 is a lot of money.
For me, I've just noticed it's what's really important.
What price would make having your business a no-brainer for you?

I can't find the time

If only there were time machines. :)
The course is self-paced so you can progress at your leisure.
Any other reason holding you back from starting your business today?

I thought this course was limited?

Thanks for the note. Fair question.
We let in early beta users and then stopped admitting for awhile.
Then we took that feedback and made the product better.
I never said we won't help more people start businesses. (Maybe the wording could have been more clear what we were doing at that time.)
Now we let in 20 people a day so we can ensure we give personal attention.
We are building features into the course / product to keep it intimate.
If you feel you aren't getting personal attention please let me know.

Does this work in my country?

Si. Oui. Yes. We have many international students.
The fundamentals you learn can be applied to any business, local or global.
We can introduce you to an international student so you get a true outsider’s perspective.
Would you like to connect with one of our students for a quick chat?

How do I know your course works?

Totally hear you!
I also need proof before buying something this expensive.
What would success after taking the course look like for you?

I’ve already taken Ramit and Dane’s course. I don’t want to buy another one. How is this different?

Completely understand where you’re coming from about “another” course.
We don’t want you to buy another one either.
Why didn’t those courses work for you?

What actually happens in the system?

Awesome question. Here’s the simple version:
Where do you think you need the most help in starting your business?

I don’t have any marketing skills. I don’t know how to grow the thing I might launch.

A lot of our students also lack marketing skills. You’re not alone.
We’ve found it more likely to market when having a product people want.
What kind of product do you want to launch?

It’s been hard to go at it alone.

Trust me, I know this feeling.
Our support group of students and sumo staff will be there for you.
Anything else holding you back from joining the course today?

I don’t have any good ideas

Ideas are a dime a dozen. :)
We’ll show you 13 different ways to come up with ideas then help you narrow it down to the one you like the most.
If we helped you generate an idea you liked, is there anything else preventing you from joining today?

I’ve already started my own businesses and made my first $1. Problem is I’ve burned out and want to start a better idea.

Congrats on your first $1. :)
Sorry to hear you get burned out with ideas. Many students have said the same thing.
The course will help you find ideas using 13 different methods, then we’ll narrow it down to the one you like.
If we can help you find an exciting idea, is there anything else holding you back from joining today?
Ps. There’s also a good chance your idea is good but you just need help polishing it.

I’m afraid of failing.

You’re not alone. This is the biggest challenge our students face.
We created the Failure Olympics in the course to show you failing isn’t as bad as you think.
You’ll also have our backing when the times get tough.
Anything else stopping you from joining the course?

I have no experience starting businesses.

Many of our students have no experience starting businesses.
We’ll teach you the fundamentals as well as guide you every step of the way.
Anything else holding you back from getting your business started?

Yes, this course works on fundamentals of business.
It's made for someone who's never made a business and needs the blueprint + a mentor team to guide you.
Anything else holding you back from getting started?

I don’t know how to reach the ideal customer

Then your idea may be too off from the biz you want to be doing if it's hard to reach the ideal customer.
You are posting on all these hard things. What idea / problem would be easier to solve?
Try to sell to tourists or locals. Be open minded to expand your idea to what people will gladly give you money.
Explore other ideas you have.

How is this different from sumo business blueprint?

100% different.
The SBB is more like you reading a book, this is like a coach working with you to ensure you get the results.
What are you looking for?

"What would make this course super successful for you?"

If I end up with a successful business.

We want to see you have an awesome business. :)
You’ll learn the fundamentals and we’ll help you.
What makes a business successful for you (aside from profitable)?

If I can make my money back.

That’s it? :)
You’ll get the $300 you paid for the course plus an extra $700. With some work.
What’s one thing you can do today to get yourself closer to making another dollar?

If you guys can keep me accountable.

Totally understand you there, I still have trouble staying on track.
The course will show you how to build your consistency.
We’ll also follow up with you to make sure you’re moving. :)
What have you tried to keep yourself accountable?
Ps - A simple tip for me is to plan my next day calendar the night before. A simple thing like this has a HUGE impact on productivity.

I want to see tangible results.

Tangible results are the best cause you can SEE the progress!
Our software is designed to help you track every step of your growth.
Make sure to do every exercise thoroughly and you’ll see your results.

If I can create my own financially viable business.

That’s what I’m talking about!
It’ll take some work and time but together we’ll get you there.
What income would make you financially viable/successful?
It’s great to set monetary goals so you can get there step by step.

Turning my idea into a business

It’s important to first figure out if people will PAY for your idea/service.
If your solution isn’t high on a customer’s priority list it’s probably why it’s been hard for you.
What have you done to confirm people will pay you for your idea?
Ps - we’ll show you 14 different ways to find ideas people will pay for.

If this course has a basic outline on starting a business.

This is exactly why we made this course. :)
We’ll take you through every step, just trust us and go through the exercises thoroughly.
You’ll do well, it’ll take work, but we’ll get you up and running together.

If you guys helped me get some ideas for a business.

No problem.
We’ll take you through the steps and show you 14 different ways to generate ideas.
Main thing is to keep an open mind and not get married to an idea. :)

If you actually get me to do stuff instead of just feeding me info.

I know how you feel, watching a video or reading a book is booooooooring. #snore
Our interactive software will force you to get up and do things.
You also have our team and the student community to keep you moving. :)
What’s the last thing you did to move your business one step?

Scripts for people who want to leave the course.

Remember, the best response from these students is for them to stay. The next best thing is to understand why they joined and how we can make it better.

I thought I had the time but I don't.

When isn't time an issue? :)
The course is self-paced so you can come back to it when you're ready.
There's never a "good" time to start a business, but you'll have access to this course for life.
What else is stopping you from building your business?

Not what I expected it to be.

Sorry we didn't meet your expectations.
What were you expecting to learn/gain from this course?

I don't want to follow your scripts.

Understand following something word for word can get boring.
You can add your own style to the scripts as long as you understand the psychology. :)
What else is holding you back from building your business?

There's too much fluff. I thought this would be in depth.

I hear ya, some parts can be slower than others.
What part of building a business did you specifically want to learn?
(After their response, offer to put them ahead to whatever section they want.)

I need a more serious course.

Starting a business is tough so we sprinkled some of our humor to ease the pressure. :)
What kind of tips are you looking for?

I thought we would have your mentoring.

You have our full support. :)
How can we help you?
(If they ask for Noah, let Noah know, then email them back with Noah cc'd)

Never used the course.

Why haven't you used the course?
(Your reply to this question is likely one of the other responses on here.)