Hey Friends of Ramit

When I graduated Berkeley in 2004 I started working at Intel. It sucked.

I wanted to meet likeminded people starting businesses so I reached out to Clara Shih (who's now on the board of Starbucks) a fellow Microsoft intern.

She went to Stanford so she had to know some smart Asian and Indian kids :)

I asked her, “Who are the smartest people you know doing interesting things?”

The first person she recommended was Ramit Sethi.

I met Ramit and liked him instantly.

Here’s a picture of us together at the Facebook mansion:

Notice Ramit's sexy faux Goatee!

He told me jokes about his name, about a popular t-shirt line he created: “you have died of dysentery t-shirt” and how he ran this blog proclaiming to teach people how to be rich.

It was a jindian (jew + indian) match made in heaven. Finally I met someone doing interesting things out in the world!

Over the past 10 years Ramit and I have both done some impressive things and stayed friends throughout. NNGF. We even have acronyms like that which you’ll never figure out.

The most impressive thing about Ramit has been his persistence.

He’s STILL writing about teaching people how to live rich lives over 10 years later.

How many blogs have you started reading only for the blogger to stop writing and give up?

It’s easy to do anything once but to keep doing something every year for over 10 years seems boring to most. To Ramit, it’s been an evolution.

The second most important thing are his readers. Over the past 2 years I’ve become better known and gotten the chance to meet thousands of people. As I've met some amazing people there is one common thread over the years...

...that one thread is how many of those people have read Ramit's blog and bought his products.

“Oh yea, I’m in RBT.”

“Yea Noah. My $50/month improvement budget goes to Ramit’s course.” <= This was from an employee of mine.

“Yes, this tactic I’m using to get more money out of you Noah is courtesy of your brown friend Ramit.”


Anyways, we are hiring at AppSumo and it got me thinking that since Ramit has some of the best readers aka “students,” who better to hire than them.

I reached out to Ramit and asked if he’d share this listing with all of you.

Many of you want to enrich your lives and we want those kind of people to join us at AppSumo.

Right now our flagship product SumoMe.com, is helping nearly 20,000 websites a day grow their web traffic and email lists for free. Through all the sites we are powering, over 7,500,000 people experience SumoMe, EVERYDAY. Yea, it’s a lot of people.

We need your help.

We are growing too fast and need a few of the best people to help us go faster.

Here's our open positions:

Business Development Associate - Help us work with partners and large sites to grow SumoMe.com.

To Apply: Find AppSumo's first office location and email it to ilovebusiness [at] appsumo.com. If you can make it the final round, we'll pay you $1,000.

Freelance Writer. Please email an article that includes a link about SumoMe to ilovewriting [at] appsumo.com

Customer Support. Go here to start the journey.

Growth Marketer. Go here to get it on.

Front-End Designer. Please email your portfolio or dribbble link to ilovepixels [at] appsumo.com

Developer. Please email the latest project you've built or github link to ilovecode [at] appsumo.com

Bonus: If you refer someone we hire, we'll buy you a flight anywhere in the world.

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