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Freebie: The Missing Manual on Growth

Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen

March 15, 2013

This free Rational Growth PDF will introduce you to using data and analytical thinking to grow user signups

Okay, so you spent all that time writing code and you now have a final product, ready for the world.

Now it's time to get those thousands of users!

But ... that's not as easy as you thought, huh?

Luckily, the same analytical skills that drive engineering your product can be applied to "engineering" the growth of your users as well.

I've spent hundreds of hours talking to startups about user growth, and one topic that comes up is that there’s an overwhelming amount of noise out there on the topic.

Not only that, but there’s a huge emphasis on the tactics – little tricks like turning buttons orange, or what cool new Facebook integration to try.

These tactics are helpful, but without a broader framework to tie it all together, it's hard to actually grow a product to the millions of users.

About a year ago, I participated in a series of interviews to take my experience working with startups growing their userbase and provide an intro text on the subject. These interviews got turned into a PDF, which I'd like to make available to you, for free.

The Rational Growth PDF is a 20-page document that is an introduction to the topic of user growth through data. There is much more literature out there, but I hope this is a good starting point to learn to think analytically about growth.

Outline of the PDF:

  • Introduction
  • Visual to spreadsheet based models
  • Your signup flow
  • Example of DailyDiary website
  • Brainstorming about growth
  • Shortening the signup flow of the DailyDiary site
  • SaaS example with “TeamShare”
  • Convert Now versus Free Trial
  • Other random things to try
  • Conclusion

Here's what it looks like:

Preview of Rational Growth PDF

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Starts In

Rational Growth PDF

  • 20-page PDF.
  • Two example signup designs to show real-life application.
  • List of popular techniques to try.

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