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How many hours a day do you actually work?

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

November 13, 2014

RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive

You know those days when it's 6 PM and you're like "Whoa, I did a lot today!"

You feel productive, accomplished, and ready for a beer and a taco :-)

But sometimes you have those days when you're "working" in front of a computer all day ... yet you accomplish nothing.

I wanted to find out WHY.

I recently started using RescueTime, an awesome time management and productivity app, that measures what websites/apps/programs you spend your time on.

It gives you a clear picture of what you ACTUALLY do during your work day.

Here's what I found out using RescueTime:

RescueTime shows me how I spend my workweek

Wow. I had NO idea how much time I was mindlessly spending time on social media/reddit in between working.

I would sit down to write some copy, hit a writing block, and then mindlessly open up Facebook. 20 minutes later and I'm reading some dumb BuzzFeed article wondering what the hell happened ...

With RescueTime, I'm learning how to get more work done and be more productive.

Now when I sit down to write copy, I use RescueTime to block all social media sites for an hour.

Once that nagging feeling of checking Facebook comes along, I see this:

What I see when I need to focus and I visit Facebook

Damn it, back to work!

How productive do you think YOU are?

With RescueTime Lite, you can start measuring your productivity today.

But if you want to actually start getting more done everyday, RescueTime Premium will show you how to:

  • Gain Perspective: Spot inefficiencies in your day and become better at managing your time.
  • Set goals: Create a goal like spending less than 1 hour per day on email. Get alerts when you achieve your goal and it's time to work on something else.
  • Take action: Set an alarm to tell you when you spent more than 1 hour on Facebook. Block distracting websites when you need to focus.

Thousands of people are obsessed with RescueTime. Here's what some of them had to say:

People LOVE RescueTime

Wow, people are obsessed with RescueTime

Regularly, a year of RescueTime Premium costs $72.

For the next week only, we're giving it to you for only $25 (that's 65% off!)

How much is it worth for you to get way more done this week?

Click here to boost your productivity now with RescueTime.

$25  $72

Starts In

One year of RescueTime Premium

  • For new, existing RescueTime Lite users, and RescueTime Premium Trial users.
  • Track time in websites and applications.
  • Track time away from the computer.
  • Get alerts when you achieve your daily goals.
  • Block distracting websites to stay focused.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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