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When was the last time you e-mailed your readers?

Olman J
Olman J

July 19, 2016

We got you a deal for a cool new app that helps you create a gorgeous email newsletter so you can connect with your audience.

You've been working hard to build up your subscribers.

There's only one problem. You've barely emailed them once!

I get it - you're busy, things come up and life gets in the way.

So how are you going to stay connected with your audience so your list doesn't dry up?

Well our good friends at Revue have launched an app that creates a slick looking email digest newsletter in seconds!

Simply snip an article using the chrome extension (or bookmarklet):

Get LIFETIME Access to Revue!

Drag and drop those articles from your Revue inbox into your newsletter.

Get LIFETIME Access to Revue!

Write commentary and send away!

Get LIFETIME Access to Revue!

BOOM! Instant content for your subscribers made in seconds!

If I told you that Revue charges customers $10/month for their services, you might say to yourself, "that's pretty good."

But if I told you Revue charges $5/month for its services, you'd say, "holy cow, what a steal!"


That's not the deal we got you.

"You're telling me the AppSumo deal is better than that?"

That's exactly what I'm saying.

We hustled a lifetime deal of Revue Pro for only $25!

That's up to 1,500 subscribers for $25.. For life!

CLICK HERE to get it now for $25!

Got a big list? Get the Team Lifetime Deal that includes Unlimited Team members and up to 10,000 subscribers for $199!

CLICK HERE to get Team Lifetime Plan for $199 now!

You're probably thinking: "Hmm, but I don't really want to bother my subscribers".

Ummm, they gave you their e-mail for a reason - they want to hear from you!

If you only email them once every few months, they're going to completely forget who you are and unsubscribe.

Keep them engaged with personalized curated content using Revue.

That way, when you finally launch your business, they hit the buy button instead of the unsubscribe button.

And at only $25 for LIFE, it ain't going to get any tastier than this. (This email has really made me hungry.)

Here's what's going to happen: You're going to cash in on this deal and I'm going to go eat some tacos (you are all welcome to join me).

Click here to get Revue Pro now for $25 (up to 1,500 subscribers)!

Want to go big time? Get the Team Lifetime Deal that includes Unlimited Team members and up to 10,000 subscribers for $199!

Click here to get Revue Team Lifetime Plan for $199 now!

I'm looking forward to subscribing to your awesome newsletter (post your Revue profile page below). Have fun!

$25  $500

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Revue

  • Lifetime of Revue Pro (up to 1,500 subscribers)
  • Add links via all kinds of sources including Chrome extension
  • Connect with MailChimp to import your subscribers
  • Easily add images from your computer or straight from IG
  • Check open rates, click rates, unsubscribes both on a per issue and on a per subscriber level
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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