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$127 Scrivener Course - today FREE!

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

July 30, 2015

We partnered with Learn Scrivener Fast to get you their entry level course ($127 value) for 100% free!

Unless you've been trapped in a log cabin for the last year writing the next great American Novel, you've probably heard of Scrivener.

Scrivener is the amazing writing software that helps authors like Tim Ferriss ship their books faster than ever before, and bloggers publish detailed blog posts to build their audience.

The only problem with Scrivener? It's TOO powerful.

There's so much you can do that it can be tough to learn it all.

UNLESS, you have Learn Scrivener Fast.

Learn Scrivener Fast is an in-depth video course that teaches you how to write faster with Scrivener. Their entry level course comes with 5 modules, 32 HD videos, and tons of actionable content.

Normally this course - Scrivener Student - would cost you $127, which thousands of writers gladly pay for.

Instead, in this AppSumo exclusive promotion, you can get it 100% FREE!

Click here to get access to Learn Scrivener Fast promotion for 100% free! (Not to be confused with the larger Ninja package we sold last year)

Here's a quick sample of what the course offers:

As you can see Joe is an incredibly talented teacher, and his content is highly digestible and actionable. I personally went through the course and the content/production is SUPER high-quality.

It's like you have a personal Scrivener coach sitting next to you teaching you everything you need to get up and running so you can ship your work. Fast.

Last year, we sold Joe's larger Ninja Package and hundreds of you scooped it and raved about it:

$127 Learn Scrivener Course is free today

With this freebie, you get dozens of HD videos broken up into easy-to-digest modules:

  • Getting Started: Understanding Scrivener's layout and how everything works
  • Getting Organized: Creating an outline and using the Corkboard in Scrivener
  • Getting Down To Business: Creating writing goals, creating presents, and layouts
  • Revising & Editing: Creating snapshots before editing and working with revisions
  • Printing, Compiling, & Exporting: Exporting your work to share with the world

Next week all of this amazing content will cost you $127.

Instead, in this exclusive offer, you can get it 100% FREE!

Click here to get Learn Scrivener Fast for free.

P.S. Scrivener is 100% legit for writers. It makes you a 10x more productive writer than simply using Google Docs or Word.

If you've ever thought about getting Scrivener in the future, get this freebie now.

FREE  $127

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Learn Scrivener Fast Student Freebie

  • Lifetime access to Learn Scrivener Fast student course.
  • 30 HD Writing Backgrounds.
  • Top 75 Tools & Resources For Ultimate Productivity & Creativity.

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