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Don't let your 400,000 email credits disappear

Olman J
Olman J

April 11, 2017

Less than 500 codes left for SendPulse's smart AI to increase your open rates

The emails you send to your contact list shouldn’t be ignored.

In fact, with the SendPulse deal we got you, they won’t be.

SendPulse is an email service that has features designed to improve your open rates with its AI technology.

So easy a college intern could do it ;)

Features such as:

  • A/B Testing. Find the subjects and bodies that work best for you! (This one feature alone can have a huge impact on your open-rates.)

  • Automating your e-mails. This feature saves you time and increases customer loyalty. Automatically send emails for subscription confirmations, welcome messages, congratulation messages, trigger messages, etc. And these automated messages can be sent out when someone subscribes, opens/doesn't open a message, clicks on a link, birthdays, etc.

  • E-mail planner. Want to schedule an email to be sent outside of your normal working hours? Email scheduler lets you do that. This also alleviates the need to circle dates on your calendar to remember to send an email.

  • Ready-made templates. Lots of good-looking email templates for you to choose from if you are strapped for time or lack design skills like myself.

  • Drag-and-drop editor. A simple-to-use tool that lets you place and edit elements, as well as see how your email will look in a browser and on a mobile device. (These emails look good on anything!)

  • Segmentation. Place customers in groups based on gender, geographic location, subscription details, etc. (This is one of the few times you can separate people by gender and not be sued.)

  • And much more!

These emails can be sent automatically via an autoresponder, scheduled for a specific date, or even sent after a triggering event (such as a customer's birthday).

Sumo-lings are not wasting time grabbing this deal:


Get 400k emails With SendPulse

Normally, 400,000 email credits would cost you $670. Pretty good, considering how important it is to have such a powerful line of communication with your customers and subscribers.

But through this AppSumo deal SendPulse is offering Sumo-lings an incredible deal that won't last long:

Deal: First 15,000 emails sent every month are FREE no matter your list size. After the first 15k emails, credits will be deducted from the package you buy of:

  • 400,000 email credits for $59

And oh yeah, these credits will NEVER expire.

Get 400k emails With SendPulse

So for example, if your email list is 4,000 subscribers and you send 4 emails a month (16k total), since the first 15k emails are free, you would only have 1k email credits subtracted from the 400k package!

Say whatttt?!

Try finding that with the other guys.

So, if you are ready to finally get your emails opened and read, get this deal now!

Although these email credits never expire, this deal does when codes run out!

Click here to get 400,000 email credits for $59!

$59  $670

Starts In

Access to 400k SendPulse emails

  • 400,000 e-mails package for $59
  • E-mail credits do not expire
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • First 15k emails sent each month are free & don't count against credits
  • Priority Customer Support by phone, e-mail and live chat
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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