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Olman J
Olman J

April 1, 2017

SendPulse’s artificial intelligence, hyper-personalization, and predictive analysis will make sure your emails don’t miss

We all have a cool newsletter or blog we send to our growing email lists.

However, you've probably noticed that people really aren't opening the emails you're sending (close to 85% are ignoring you).

And if they are opening the emails, sometimes, it's to unsubscribe. (Ouch.)

So how can we make sure the emails you're sending are effective?

By using SendPulse.

SendPulse is what people turn to when they want to maximize their open rates.

In fact, SendPulse increases email marketing open rates by 45% or more.

People also turn to SendPulse because it offers the incredible delivery rates, reliable high speed service, and fantastic tools.

One of the first tools you'll come into contact with is the drag'n'drop email editor. This editor allows you to create beautiful email templates with just a few clicks of your mouse.

With the editor, you can choose the basic structure, place and edit elements, and preview how your emails will look in a browser and email.

And good news for those of us lacking any special skills, learning how to use this editor is extremely easy.

Don't have a few minutes to create a template?

No sweat!

SendPulse has 100+ ready-made templates in categories such as e-commerce, travel, holidays, and more.

Get 200k emails With SendPulse

Tons of templates to dazzle your subscribers with.

Whether you created the template or picked out one of SendPulse's, all of them are responsive and can adapt to any screen size. (This is wonderful considering a good portion of people are opening emails from their phones and tablets nowadays.)

Get 200k emails With SendPulse

See, your email will be a hit on any device.

We have two options for this SendPulse deal.

First option includes 200,000 emails, and the second option includes 400,000 emails.

(Both options include priority customer service by phone, email, live chat, and smoke signal.)

Usually, the first option would cost you $400, and the second option would cost you $670.

However, today you can get 200,000 emails for $39, or 400,000 emails for $59!

That is over 90% off the retail price for both options!

If you are worried about the email credits expiring, don't. Email credits will not expire!

Click here to get 200,000 emails!

Click here to get 400,000 emails!

Get 200k emails With SendPulse

A caveman can use this editor. And I know this because I am one.

Every mailing list service tends to offer some kind of simple email personalization.

But SendPulse takes it one step further with its predictive analysis and replaceable text fields. (This will give you the ability to send different emails within a single mailing.)

Information you can include in emails besides name: gender, DOB, company, and position.

You can even turn this personalization into segmentation and send different emails based on gender, geographic location, interests, etc.

Here are a few other things you can do with SendPulse:

  • A/B testing- Test a few subject/body options on a small percentage of your list, and then send the one with the best results to the remaining folks on your list.

  • Automated sending- This feature saves you time and increases customer loyalty. Automatically send emails for subscription confirmations, welcome messages, congratulation messages, trigger messages, etc. And these automated messages can be sent out when someone subscribes, opens/doesn't open a message, clicks on a link, birthdays, etc.

  • Email scheduler- Want to schedule an email to be sent outside of your normal working hours? Email scheduler lets you do that. This also alleviates the need to circle dates on your calendar to remember to send an email.

Get 200k emails With SendPulse

Put your emails head to head and let them fight to the death.

Still need more?

Ok, fine.

SendPulse has some other neat features such as white label (send emails without any mention of SendPulse), subscription forms, a mobile app, and sending mails through API.

We are positive using SendPulse will make the task of sending emails to your mailing list that much easier.

At this point, the only thing you should be mulling over is whether you are going to get the 200,000 email deal or the 400,000 email deal.

The 200,000 email deal is only $39.

The 400,000 email deal is slightly more of a savings at just $59.

Remember: Email credits never expire!

Click here to send 200,000 emails!

Click here to send 400,000 emails!

P.S.SendPulse allows users with any size email list to send the first 15k emails per month for free. So you'll be able to send your first 15k emails every month BEFORE your email credits from this AppSumo deal are applied.

P.S.S. SendPulse will be hosting 2 webinars to show y'all how to use all the features like a pro! Check your AppSumo account after purchase for details.

Apr 10, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT: http://bit.ly/2p2bcNy

Apr 11, 2017 at 8:00 AM EDT: http://bit.ly/2ozfTC3

$39  $400

Starts In

Access to 200k SendPulse emails

  • 200,000 e-mails package for $39
  • E-mail credits do not expire
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • First 15k emails sent each month are free & don't count against credits
  • Priority Customer Support by phone, e-mail and live chat
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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