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For all this talk about optimization, SEO is as difficult to perfect as leaving someone a voicemail. (Hi, yes, if you could please call me back on my email, that would be great.)

You’re constantly monitoring keywords and obsessively tracking rankings to make sure your site beats out the competition for those top spots.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could proactively monitor your keywords, compare data with your competitors, and keep your clients in the loop, too?

Time for SerpWatch.


Access proactive keyword monitoring with email and slack notifications, plus Zapier integration

Alternative to: Rank Tracker by Ahrefs

Cross-reference rankings with featured snippets, Google Analytics, and revenue reports, plus send clients white-labeled reports

Best for: Marketers and SEO agencies that manage multiple clients or channels and want insightful data on their SEO strategies

SerpWatch tracks SEO rankings with keyword monitoring and data cross-referencing that includes revenue, featured snippets, and Google Analytics.

SerpWatch is your very own MI6 with the Intelligence Hub.

This is where you can compare search rankings to featured snippets, revenue reports, Google Analytics, and SERP features.

You’ll also find the top 10 results for every keyword tracked and stored, letting you keep an eye on your competitors.

All this information lets you figure out what’s working (and what needs work) to boost your rankings and get the jump on the competition.

Use the Intelligence Hub to compare search rankings to featured snippets, revenue reports, and more!

SerpWatch keeps track of your keywords, so you don’t have to.

You’ll get email and Slack notifications to stay on top of keyword movement.

Plus, the Zapier integration lets you interface with over 1,500 applications to make sure you never miss that golden moment when you go number 1.

SerpWatch monitors your keywords and keeps you updated with email and Slack notifications!

With the handy reporting feature, your clients can also see how awesome your SEO strategy is going.

SerpWatch offers a step-up from PDFs with white-labeled client portals, which gives instant access to reports any time clients like.

Now those “involved” clients can just constantly hit refresh instead of pinging you three times a week.

White-labeled client portals give them instant access to customized SEO reports!

That’s not all. When it comes to those awesome search rankings of yours, SerpWatch has you covered when someone inevitably asks for the receipts.

You’ll be able to verify your search rankings with screenshots from the last 10 days, so there’s never any doubt you’re on top of things (get it?).

Simply click the “open screenshot” command from the ranking chart, and it’s all right there for you.

Use screenshots from the last 10 days to instantly verify your search rankings!

Staying on top of your SEO is arguably harder than keeping up with whatever fads your kids are into these days (“Are we still dabbing, fellow kids?”).

That’s why SerpWatch tracks your keywords, compiles your data, and monitors your competitors, all while giving clients instant access to white-labeled reports.

Take your SEO strategy to the next level.

Get lifetime access to SerpWatch today!

P.S. Learn how to use SerpWatch like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

    • Plans and Features

    • Deal Terms
      • Lifetime access to

      • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

      • All future updates

      • Stack up to 5 codes

      • Only for new SerpWatch users who do not have existing accounts

      • Inactive/abandoned accounts that have not logged in or taken any action in a 6-month period are subject to frequency reduction

      • Keyword check frequency reduction will not be initiated without prior notification. Customer can revert back at any time.

      • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

    • Features Included in All Plans
      • Star favorite keywords

      • Answer box

      • People also ask box

      • Videos carousel

      • Search volume

      • Cost per click

      • Competition

      • Monthly revenue

      • Google Analytics integration

      • Traffic insight on ranking graph

      • Google verified update

      • Minor but influencial updates

      • Feature snippets

      • Custom rankings

      • Compete locally

      • Manage globally

      • Bing, Yahoo, Yandex rankings

      • Multiple Google indexes

      • Mobile and desktop index

      • GEO Location

      • Multiple project tracking

      • Keyword fluctuation tracking

      • Historial rank data

      • Alert notifications

    • Single

      One Time Purchase of

      • All features above included

      • 150 Tracked keywords

      • 2 Client portals

    • Select More Codes
    • Double

      One Time Purchase of

      • All features above included

      • 300 Tracked keywords

      • 5 Client portals

    • Select More Codes
    • Multiple

      One Time Purchase of

      • All features above included

      • 600 Tracked keywords

      • 10 Client portals

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