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Freebie alert: $25 credit for custom photos

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

October 15, 2014

Snapwire gives you access to thousands of photographers waiting to shoot authentic photos just for you

I love stock photos sites.

Stock photos are awesome for adding some personality to your homepage, livening up your blog posts, and much more.

But ... sometimes you just need something really unique and authentic for your site. Something NOT like this:

The fakest and worst stock photo I've ever seen

Yikes, this might be the worst stock photo I've ever seen.

Thankfully ... I have the solution.

Snapwire has a community of thousands of photographers ... waiting to take beautiful custom photos just for you.

It works in 3 easy steps:

  1. You create a photo request telling their photographers exactly what photo you're looking for. You set the price, deadline, and creative vision.
  2. Photographers go out, take photos for you, and submit them to you.
  3. You buy the photos you love without any pressure. You're not obligated to buy if you don't like any of the photos.

All the photos you get are royalty free and the photographers are pros. Here's just a sample of the beautiful photos you can get with Snapwire:

Free $25 credit to Snapwire to get your own custom Photos. Get this now!

Free $25 credit to Snapwire to get your own custom Photos. Get this now!

Free $25 credit to Snapwire to get your own custom Photos. Get this now!

If you need stunning photos right now, Snapwire also has a marketplace of authentic, affordable, and royalty-free photos that you can buy at any time.

These are NOT photos that you'd associate with typical stock photo sites. They are insanely gorgeous:

Snapwire Marketplace photos are stunning

I love to make all of you happy with free stuff so today we're giving you a free $25 credit to use anywhere on Snapwire: either for your own custom photo request or for a photo from their Marketplace.

You can't get this anywhere else. They put this together just for sumo-lings.

Click here to get this freebie now.

You can use the $25 credit to get a gorgeous, small-sized photo from their Marketplace for free or use the credit towards a high-quality custom photo request. While Requests start around $50, you control price and can spend it anyway you'd like.

This freebie will only be available for the next 6 days.

What are you waiting for? Click here and get your own custom photos for your website or blog.

FREE  $25

Starts In

$25 Snapwire credit

  • Credit can be applied to any photo in the Snapwire Marketplace.
  • Credit can be used for any custom photo request.
  • Must redeem credit by December 16, 2014.
  • Only 1 credit can be redeemed per person.

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