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Peek at what they don’t want you to see

Jeff Lurie
Jeff Lurie

August 21, 2017

Get lifetime access to your competitors' Facebook activity

If you're just getting your business off the ground, chances are you don't have enough data and insights to formulate a solid marketing campaign on Facebook.

But, you know who does?

Your competition.

And wouldn't it be awesome if you had special access to view how the public reacts to their digital strategy?

Well, now you do.

Meet Social Insider.

Get Lifetime Access to Social Insider

Social Insider is a tool for Facebook Analytics that helps you understand what your competitors do on Facebook and how people react to their digital strategy.

Essentially, Social Insider is giving you behind the scenes access to what works and what doesn't.

While Social Insider does provide the traditional likes and engagement reports, it also dives much deeper than that to bring you boosted posts, data correlation, best times to post, and much more.

For example, you can learn:

  • Who your competitors' top fans are...

  • How people react to their posts...

  • What makes their audience angry / sad / wow-ed...

  • What they're sharing with their friends...

  • And more!

This is incredibly important info when you are looking to run a successful Facebook marketing campaign of your own.

Get Lifetime Access to Social Insider

You can even search and sort fans by their reaction! Game changer!

Social Insider breaks down the demographics of activity at a micro-level. Find out when people are engaging, which gender engages more, what size crocs everyone wears, etc.

How far back do the analytics go on each Facebook page? Try all the way back to day 1.

Once you've gone through the data Social Insider provides you, you'll be able to match it to marketing actions.

Get Lifetime Access to Social Insider

Great to see men finally breaking out of their shell to be more vocal.

Now, normally, access to Social Insider costs $60 per month.

However, Sumolings are in luck today! (When aren't Sumolings in luck?)

Today, Sumolings can grab lifetime access to Social Insider for only $39!

That's lifetime access to:

  • Unlimited reports for an unlimited number of Facebook pages

  • Unlimited save time for data

  • Downloadable data (.pdf and .csv)

  • Analytics for Instagram business profiles (coming very soon)

  • And more!

Ready to start seeing what the competition is doing?

Click here for lifetime access to Social Insider!

Get Lifetime Access to Social Insider

We've got our eyes on you, Mari!

One thing you probably noticed is that this deal is coming with Instagram analytics.

And as we see more and more companies using Instagram to run marketing campaigns, this will definitely come in handy.

Most of the competition will focus their energy on Facebook OR Instagram. Not Social Insider. Social Insider will bring you both.

What else makes Social Insider better than its competitors?


The competition will charge you per page, or they will charge you a lot of money for unlimited accounts.

In addition, you're never limited by the number of fans or data.

Get Lifetime Access to Social Insider

With this deal, you are getting lifetime access to unlimited pages and unlimited past data...

For just $39!

You will not find this kind of data for this price, anywhere.


Sumolings, you know what your goals are and why you want to achieve them.

Social Insider shows you how to get it done.

Get lifetime access to Social Insider right now!

$39  $720

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Social Insider

  • Unlimited history for Facebook pages
  • Unlimited save time for data
  • Fans of any Facebook page - filtered by type of interaction or reaction with the download option as .csv
  • Boosted posts detection for any Facebook page
  • Page comparison
  • Download data as .pdf and .csv
  • Analytics for any number of Facebook pages
  • Analytics for Instagram business profiles
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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