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Only 24 hours left to propel your startup

Olman J
Olman J

October 31, 2017

Lifetime access to these world-class tools is almost gone

When you're starting a business, surrounding yourself with successful people is one of the best ways to guarantee your own success.

Which is precisely why we teamed up with Startups.co last week.

Startups.co is where entrepreneurs learn from—and engage with—world-renowned experts and founders.

Lifetime Access to Startups.co

Sumolings, for the next 24 hours, you can get lifetime access to:

  • 600+ in-depth videos on topics ranging from marketing, to growth, to leadership, to decision making, and so much more!

  • A moderated Slack chat with founders (2x/week)

  • Small daily lessons that keep your startup moving in the right direction

  • Mentorship lessons via the Clarity.fm platform from masterminds like Cheryl Yeoh (CMO at Hackreactor) and Mark Cuban (Owner at You Know Who He Is)

This deal also comes with three incredible software tools worthy of their own AppSumo deal:

  • Bizplan- create, collaborate, and share a comprehensive business plan with potential customers and investors (regular price: $588/year)

  • Launchrock- acquire early customers and build a presence for your company (regular price: $108/year)

  • Fundable- raise the money you need for your startup through this online equity crowdfunding platform (regular price: $2,148/year)

Lifetime access to everything included in this deal would cost you thousands of dollars.

However, before this 24-hour timer is up, you can get all it for just $49!

Click here for a lifetime of startup knowledge!

While you were busy making a Snapchat filter Halloween costume, these Sumolings were diving into Startups.co’s resources:

Lifetime Access to Startups.co

Lifetime Access to Startups.co

This deal equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle many of the major issues startups face.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to accelerate an early product from Amy Jo Kim (Community Architect at Netflix), or how to make data-driven decisions from Mike Greenfield (First Data Scientist at PayPal and LinkedIn), Startups.co is the place to be.

So, help yourself—and your business—by getting lifetime access to the advice and tools you need to run a successful startup.

Remember: Lifetime access expires in 24 hours!

Explore Startups.co’s extensive library of resources right now!

P.S. If you bought the Bizplan deal earlier this year, shoot support@appsumo.com an email and we will issue you $20 in credits after you purchase this new deal!

$49  $1,740

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Startups.co

  • Master Classes: 600 in-depth videos featuring world-renowned experts from the greatest companies and startups
  • Startups Live: Moderated Slack chat with startup founders and experts every Tuesday @ 2p EST / 10a PST)
  • Expert Mentorship: Directly access the world's top mentors on every startup subject
  • Daily Lessons: Bite-sized daily lessons on critical startup topics
  • The entire Startups.co launch platform is yours - for free. Including Bizplan Premium
  • Answers: Quality answers from seasoned founders and experts who genuinely care about helping startups
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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