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Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

September 1, 2015

Everybody wants more eyeballs. But advertising & SEO all take time/money. Try this first instead.

Casey Neistat has been a filmmaker for over 20 years, but it feels like the last 3 years he has absolutely EXPLODED in popularity.

In the last month alone he has hit over 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers, cofounded Beme with the former CTO of Tumblr, and has raving fans supporting his every move.

His secret? (outside of producing amazing content)


Now everybody gets stickers to hand out as giveaways. Casey's secret marketing move (which very few are copying) is using stickers to promote everything he does:

Get 50 stickers for 58 cents each! Shipped!

Casey sends free sticker packs to his friends, family, and fans so they get plastered everywhere.

Why bother with ads and Cost Per Impression when with a strategically placed sticker, you get THOUSANDS of views every day for FREE!


Get 50 custom stickers today for only $29! (That's less than a buck each! You can upload artwork later.)

Even better, US shipping is FREE! International rates vary as it's a manual process.

These high-quality stickers come from our friends at StickerMule.

These diecut bad boys are:

  • weatherproof
  • fadeproof
  • and sexyproof (huh?)

UV lamination protects your beauties from scratches, rain, and sunlight so they stay looking good ANYWHERE you post it. (hint hint wink wink)

Even GitHub and Josh agree - these things are bulletproof:

Blown away with the quality

I found out about Sticker Mule after receiving some Github stickers a while back. I was so blown away by the quality I immediately emailed Github's support asking who makes their stickers.

Hands down the best stickers I've ever seen / used / purchased.

-Josh Sherman

Ordering is super simple:

  • Click here.
  • Upload your artwork.
  • Checkout and kick back while your order gets shipped to your door.

Normally these high-quality stickers would cost you $67.

Instead, for the next 79 hours ONLY, you can get it at the AppSumo exclusive price of only $29!

Click here to get 50 stickers for only $29!

Some quick FAQs:
Can I apply this credit to larger orders? Yes! Get as many as you want!
How much is shipping? FREE in the US. International rates vary.
Really - only 79 hours? Yes, really. You can buy now and send in artwork later if you want. Get it now!

$29  $67

Starts In

50 Die Cut Stickers from StickerMule

  • Approximately 3" x 3" in size.
  • Printed with your artwork on matte vinyl.
  • Free shipping within US.
  • All orders ship within 5 days. No rush shipping.
  • International rates vary as it's a manual process.
  • Can buy up to 3 orders to get 150 stickers.
  • Must purchase by Sept 4th, 2015. (can send in artwork later)
  • Returns only allowed for unused redemptions.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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