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First watch this video:

Here's how this course works (remember to signup for the email list to get updates....GREAT daily motivation):

So who's teaching me stuff in this Kourse?

Neville Medhora - Your Skinny Sumo host.

I did a six-pack-abs experiment a few years back. I wanted to get six-pack abs in one month.  It sounds relatively impossible....and it took me 6 weeks to get them....but I learned a HELL OF A LOT along the way....including something that literally changed how I felt and changed my business.

Originally I was just going to starve myself in order to lose fat, but then I met Adam.

Adam showed me simply starving myself WOULD in fact make me lose weight....but how long could I keep that up? A few days? A week?

....and what kind of life would that be?  Who wants to be skinny....but have to sacrifice health AND happiness for it. Lame.

I started using his service (MyBodyTutor) and never looked at food the same way again.

I was never REALLY fat....but at one point I'd such in my stomach all the way, and all I'd see is fat. No muscles.

So then taking Adam's daily advice, I quickly lost the excess weight, changed the way I look and feel about food, started become WAY more productive....and a happy by-product of all this was getting a ripped body.

Here's a cheesy before/after pic proving I'm not making this up:

Adam Gilbert - The Expert

If you wanna lose weight....you go to the person who has the most experience (and highest success ratio) helping fatties lose weight...right?


That’s exactly why we chose Adam to be our expert advisor in this SumoDietKourse. In fact, we flew out to New York City just to seek his advice.

"Butttt Sumooooo.....I’ve tried all sorts of diets before and still never lose weight! How can Adam help ME?!?”

Listen up Young Sumo-ling:

Adam has PERSONALLY helped ~1,200 people lose weight....and not just by writing a stupid eBook or something.  He literally looks at each of their food logs EVERYDAY and comments & critiques EVERY ONE of their meals and workouts.

He’s hand-held people from 18 years old to 80 years old to help them lose weight....so he REALLY knows what he’s talking about.

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