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New free WordPress plugin to grow your email list

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan

February 11, 2014

SumoMe, the toolkit to grow your business, is now available for your WordPress site

Last week we released ListBuilder, a completely free tool to gain email subscribers and get new customers.

Thousands of you installed it but a small few rejected it. That hurts Chief Sumo’s feelings :-(

The #1 thing y'all said was ... “Where’s the WordPress.org plugin for it?”

Well, after a few late nights and competitive Mortal Kombat 2 games, SumoMe, the free toolkit to grow your business which includes List Builder, is now available for your WordPress.org site.

Click here to download it now.

Not sure if collecting emails is for you?

My friend Andrew Chen wasn't collecting emails on a blog for a while but once he started, look what happened to his email list:

Andrew Chen's email list growth after adding email collection

Building an email list has been the single most important thing I've done in the last year to create engagement on my blog

- Andrew Chen

Collecting emails gives you more readers, more visitors to your website, and ultimately more customers and more moola :-)

Here’s 3 reasons why you should spend the 1 minute to install ListBuilder on your site and start collecting emails now:

  1. Collects emails without being annoying. List Builder only asks for an email address at the optimal time, when a visitor is about to leave.
  2. Mobile-optimized. About 40% of my personal blog traffic is mobile, yours may even be higher. Most email collection tools or programs aren’t compatible on mobile. This is :-)
  3. Quick and Free. It takes literally 47 seconds to add the plugin and start collecting emails.

Not only that, but List Builder is beautiful. One sumo-ling installed it last week and here's how it looks like on their website:

List Builder on a sumo-ling's website

If you’re still not convinced, the plugin also includes Highlighter (easy content sharing), Scroll Box (triggered email captures) and Image Sharer (Get your images share more often).

Click here to download SumoMe for your WordPress.org site and start growing your website today.

Ps. If you are not on WordPress.org. List Builder works for you too! Click here to get live within 47 seconds.

SumoMe for WordPress

  • Free WordPress plugin.
  • Includes both the Twilighter and List Builder apps.
  • Easily download new apps coming soon.

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