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If you have a website, you need this tool

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

February 12, 2015

Over 25,000 sites are using SumoMe to grow their website traffic. Are you?

This year, our focus is building SumoMe, a collection of free tools to grow your website traffic.

It includes free apps like:

  • List Builder to increase your daily email sign-ups by 20%
  • Heat Maps to see where your website visitors are clicking (or not)
  • Share to get your visitors to spread the love of your website
  • Tons more apps to drive your site more traffic

However, tons of you still aren’t using SumoMe. This makes us sad :-(

Today, I’m going to be completely up-front with you.

If you have a website, you NEED to install SumoMe.

Okay, that sounds a bit aggressive. But I seriously believe if you aren't, you are really missing out. Here's 3 quick reasons why:

1. SumoMe is free.

Like, 100% no-questions-asked completely FREE.

There’s no catch if you install. We’re not selling your data or any scammy stuff. We love y’all and are simply sharing the tools that are have helped us grow AppSumo to 750,000 people.

In the future, we will be offering premium tools that you can pay for if you’d like. But most of these tools will be completely free, FOREVER.

2. SumoMe works on all sites.

Doesn’t matter if your site is in HTML, WordPress, or written by a chimpanzee.

Big sites like Movoto.com and The Art of Manliness are loving SumoMe, as well as thousands of smaller sites.

The reason why? It takes less than 37 seconds to install SumoMe.

Install it here now.

3. 25,000+ sites are using SumoMe every day.

These people are getting more website traffic, growing their businesses, and making more money because of SumoMe.

Adam Franklin runs a marketing company called Bluewire Media and loves the List Builder app in SumoMe:

My conversion rates are through the roof! I was surprised by how quick and easy it was to set up. No matter people say you always expect some sort of problems, but there were none with SumoMe.

I installed List Builder in July and now have 1,978 NEW subscribers ... I typically get between 4-17% conversion rate each day!

James George runs design site DesignCrawl and loves using all of the SumoMe apps:

You don’t have to know any code for SumoMe. You set it up, write your copy, tell it how you want it to behave, and you’re done.

I have never, and I mean never, seen such a streamlined set of plugins that actually work, and work as well as these do. I installed these on all of my sites now and I am happy with the results. It makes growing your list easy.

I’ve paid good money for plugins that didn’t do half of what these do, and the SumoMe plugins are free!

Anant Mendiratta helps people live healthier with his Workout Trends Blog and he loves the Content Analytics app from SumoMe:

Before installing SumoMe, I was under the impression that my audience read my complete articles. I was pretty confident too. But results of SumoMe's Content Analytics jolted me out of my chair.

Only 18% of my visitors were reading 100% of my pages. This forced me to work again on my page design. Now, my average read is steadily improving since the new design on workouttrends.com. It’s around 52% on most articles.

I was expecting this to turn into a paid service later on, like it happens usually after the demo period of "fascination and addiction" but I'm surprised that it's still free.

What are YOU waiting for?

Click here to install SumoMe in less than a minute.

Need help installing SumoMe? Check out our easy installation faq.

P.S. What SumoMe App do you want us to build next? Comment below and let us know!


  • 10 apps to grow your website traffic.
  • Works on all sites.
  • More apps being added all the time.

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