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How to show off your best work

Olman J
Olman J

May 26, 2016

Show the world your story and make them fall in love with you

If you're anything like me, you've come to the realization that a resume does not do you justice. (I promise I'm not this boring in real life.)

Resumes do an awful job at letting people know you're an expert in your field because they don't show off your big wins (proficient in Excel doesn't cut it, Diana).

You're more than a few bullet points under previous jobs or accounts you've landed.

You know this, I know this, we all know this. ::I whisper "you're better than this... " under the moonlight::

But how can you put your expertise on display and get everyone to see who you truly are?

Ah ha! The magic of Sumry!

Sumry solves the unimaginative resume problem by letting employers, and future clients, get to know who you are as a person by highlighting your accomplishments!

So how exactly is Sumry better than a traditional resume?

Well, just look at them side-by-side!

By creating a timeline of accomplishments (with photos, links, and more), visitors can quickly see your rise to greatness.

Before we keep going and get you too excited, you're probably wondering, okay - what's the catch?

Well, call me William Wallace, because the only thing I care about is FREE(dom)!!

Normally, one year of Sumry would cost you $180!

But, Sumry lost a bet (keg-drinking competition) with AppSumo, and the result is Sumo-lings getting one year for FREE! (for the next 96 hours only!)

Click here to get one year of Sumry free! (no credit card required)

It's super easy too. It took me about 20 min to make my own Sumry!

1 Year of Sumry Free!

Use Sumry to:

  • Show off your best accomplishments
  • Track stats and analytics on how many people have viewed your Sumry
  • Ability to link out to your best projects so people can Ooh and Ahh

Traditional resumes and LinkedIn's just aren't cutting it anymore (tell me who's stalking my profile, LinkedIn!).

Take advantage of Sumry instead and wow your next potential employer or client!

Remember: You'd normally have to pay $180 for this, but we sucked it up and drank an entire keg to bring this to you for FREE!

Show off dem skillz today!

Get Sumry now! (no credit card required to signup)

P.S. This FREEBIE will only last 96 hrs. Get it now before Sumry shuts us down!

Don't let our debauchery go down in vain.

FREE  $180

Starts In

1 Year FREEBIE for Sumry!

  • 1 Year subscription
  • Unlimited PDF resume exports
  • Stats and analytics on your Sumry
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Access to our vast array of help docs to take your career to the next level

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