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Over the years, you’ve acquired a very particular set of skills.

And now, you want to cash in by teaching others what you know.

The only problem is you’re not quite sure which topic is worth teaching, how to create a course, or how you’ll find students that want to give you the good stuff (money).

Luckily, there’s TeachableU.


Learn how to create amazing courses from start to finish in 4 easy steps

Choose and validate your topic and map out the curriculum

Market your course effectively and attract the most motivated students

Best for: entrepreneurs who want to create high-quality courses and profit from their expertise

TeachableU is an online program with everything you need to create successful courses and earn money on your terms.

Creating a compelling online course that people pay to watch isn’t easy—you have to come up with a topic, vet it, create the content, and then market it.

TeachableU features a comprehensive, step-by-step process that helps you create best-in-class, educational courses on any topic.

Over 30,000 people have successfully created courses using TeachableU and you can too!

TeachableU’s four-part online training program is designed to help you create and launch a course within 90 days.

The proven TeachableU framework helps you choose a course topic that is validated and designed to attract an audience. (Remember trying to sign up for that one photography class in high school?)

The four premium training courses walk you through each step of the process so you can start developing courses that sell.

You’re the expert in your field but TeachableU can help you figure out how to position your courses to attract the right students.

From mapping out the course curriculum and choosing which type of content is best for your lessons to budget-friendly home video set-up tips, TeachableU is your expert resource on designing and launching awesome courses.

The first course walks you through how to pick an in-demand topic that you’re uniquely qualified to teach — and how to build an initial audience of potential students who would love to pay for your course.

The second course helps you avoid headaches and tech issues by teaching you how to create high-quality, professional courses even if you don’t have extensive tech knowledge.

Once you pick your course topic and start creating content, TeachableU helps you reach your ideal audience with authentic, targeted marketing and messaging.

You have a great topic and know how to create awesome content and the third course helps you connect with fans who will be eager to learn about your course.

It doesn’t matter if you’re baking cakes that look like celebrities, editing photos, or teaching underwater basket-weaving, there are students eager to learn from you.

After you learn how to build your audience, the fourth course covers Teachable’s tried-and-true launch plan so you can successfully market your course and make sure everything runs smoothly.

No matter your teaching style or topic, there’s an easy way to create engaging courses that don’t require technical expertise.

TeachableU’s self-paced, premium quality courses help you develop, market, launch, and scale online courses of your own.

Get TeachableU today!

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    • Plans and Features

    • Deal Terms
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      • All future course updates

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      • GDPR Compliant

    • The TeachableU Program


      • Online training program that will take you from choosing the course topic to launching a course with real students enrolled

      • 1 year of upcoming TeachableU Live Training Workshops

      • Course handouts, done-for-you templates, and email scripts

      • Mobile accessibility

      • Course 1: How to choose a profitable course idea that’s perfect for you

      • Course 2: How to create a professional, high quality course

      • Course 3: How to build an audience of people who need your course

      • Course 4: How to market, launch & scale your course business

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