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As a freelancer, tracking your hours is the most important aspect of your whole business.

However, I can bet most of you are doing it all wrong.

With most time-tracking apps, you log hours backwards in time. You have to remember "What did I do yesterday?" ... "What did I do last week? ... or worse ... "What did I do last month?"

Not only is this a waste of time to do your work and then spend more time remembering what you did ...

You're probably losing hours of work that you didn't track correctly. Lost hours = lost money.

Instead ... you should be logging your hours while you schedule.

You already spend your time planning what you're going to do in your calendar, whether it's weekly, daily, or even just a few hours ahead.

With Timely, you can schedule and log your hours, simultaneously.

Timely is like a gorgeous calendar and time tracker ... all in one.

No screenshots do it justice. Watch this 1-minute vid showing how beautiful and easy-to-use it is:

This is perfect if you're a freelancer or work at a consulting company.

Timely works on any desktop browser and also on your iPhone (Android app coming soon).

Just check out what a couple of freelancers had to say about Timely:

What people think of Timely

What people think of Timely

Regularly, a year of Timely's Freelancer plan costs $168 per year.

Today we're giving you a LIFETIME of Timely Freelancer for only $49 (that's 97% off!)

You read that right. Buy it today and it's yours forever.

Even if you eat Taco Bell for breakfast everyday and only live another 10 years, this is worth over $1,500 ... and we're giving it to you for only $49.

Stop losing hours and money and get a lifetime of Timely now.

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