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Freebie Alert: 6 months of Todoist Premium

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

October 15, 2015

10x your productivity using this amazing app

Want to know the difference between the brilliant and the mediocre?

Brilliant people are proactive.

  • They have a vision of what they want
  • They create a plan
  • They execute

Everyone else? Well, they don't.

AppSumo wants you to be in the former camp. For us that starts with having the right tools.

For me, as well as 5,000,000+ other people, that tool is Todoist.

Todoist is simply the cleanest productivity app out there, and we got you six months of their premium plan 100% free!

Click here to get six months of Todoist Free. (Both new and existing customers!)

I personally love Todoist because of it's minimalist design, intuitive controls (just type "due next Friday" instead of a date), and the really slick phone/desktop apps.

Check out that sweet SumoMe page

But to me, the killer feature is the Chrome Browser extension (also available for Firefox). You install it and can see your entire to-do list as a drop-down menu, which saves you from keeping another tab open all day.

I honestly couldn't imagine using anything else to prioritize my workday.

The free app is awesome on its own (and you should download it immediately if you haven't already), but the premium plan includes advanced features like unlimited multi-device sync, task attachments, productivity tracking, duplicating lists, and more.

Before I upgraded using this AppSumo Exclusive Promo code (super easy process btw), I was happily paying the $29/year premium fee.

But instead, in this AppSumo exclusive - we got you six months free!

Click here to get it now! (no credit card necessary)

Please note that we have a limited number of codes to hand out. Once they sell out - this deal is gone!


Starts In

6 Months Todoist Premium

  • For new and existing Todoist users.
  • Add note and file attachments to your to-dos.
  • Mobile and email reminders: Get reminded about upcoming tasks via email, SMS, or push notifications.
  • Location alerts: Receive task alerts on iOS or Android when you arrive or leave a certain location.
  • Automatic backups: Never lose data. Each day Todoist takes automatic backups that are easy to restore.

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