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6 Months Free Of Trello Gold

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

March 22, 2015

Your new favorite visual to-do list

So I was brainstorming my next business idea...

  • People love cats
  • People love Uber
  • Uber + Cats


Normally, I would plan a project like this using a mix of to-do lists, apps, and notebooks, but instead of getting organized, I'd end up more confused than ever.

This time, I used Trello. GAME CHANGER.

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In minutes, I can see my vision in all its furry glory:

6 Months Of Free Trello Gold! Click here to grab it now!

Trello lets me drag and drop items to show progress.

Trello is awesome because it works like a vision board. You can see everything that needs to get done and drag actions through each stage of completion.

By giving me a visual of the end result, I could clearly see that this business was destined for failure, sparing me months of hard work and heartbreak. (Thanks, Trello!)

Millions of people and companies (such as Google) already use Trello to manage their projects. Join them:

  • Write your first book.
  • Launch your next business.
  • Share class notes and assignments.
  • Plan the next Taco and Wine night with Chief Sumo.

You can even use it to organize your wedding month by month (Pinterest alone isn't gonna cut it):

6 Months Of Free Trello Gold! Click here to grab it now!

Organize projects via timeline so you stay on schedule.

But it's not just us. A quick search online shows millions of happy users:

6 Months Of Free Trello Gold! Click here to grab it now!

Which is why I'm so excited about today's deal because it has NEVER been done before:


Trello's free tool is already awesome, but with Trello Gold you get a ton of additional features:

  • Attachments up to 250mb, perfect for rough drafts, mock-ups, and other creative assets.
  • Stickers/icons to help you highlight key cards.
  • Upload custom background images.
  • And tons more!

Regularly this would cost you $30. Today we're giving to you for FREE. This works for both new AND existing Trello users.

Grab it now and make your first Trello visualization today!

(BTW, this deal is only live for the next few days - so get it now).

FREE  $30

Starts In

6 Months Free Trello Gold

  • 6 Months Free - Trello Gold.
  • For new AND existing Trello users.
  • Add up to 250mb attachments.
  • Add emojis to get your point accross :-)
  • Upload custom backgrounds.
  • Use stickers/icons to highlight important cards.

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