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Is your site a page only a mother could love?

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

March 29, 2016

Improve your site or app based on actual user feedback with TryMyUI

Ever had a friend show you their website ... and it sucked?

It happens all the time. You click an interesting link, think to yourself "This site looks way too spammy... definitely not giving them my CC info!" and peace out.

The truth is, your customers are showing up to your website with their mouse hovering over the back button.

Today, we fix your site so they stay.

If you have a website and want valuable feedback that you can act on, we got you fam.

TryMyUI gives you access to pre-screened, articulate, and observant testers to show you how users experience your website.

Just check out this video of a real tester from TryMyUI:

Each test is standardized and summarized so you can get quick actionable feedback without watching hours of video.

Normally tests like these cost hundreds of dollars (with many competitors charging $99+/test)

But for this sumo-sized deal, you can get 5 unique tests of real people using your website for only $49.

Click here to start testing your site for only $49!

Why 5 tests? According to Jakob Nielsen, the "King of Usability", a user test with 5 participants will find 80% of a web page's design issues.

With TryMyUI, you can:

  • Target a demographic for your niche so you're getting feedback from people who would regularly visit your site (age, income, country of residence, education level and more)
  • Watch video recordings of people browsing your site and hear them describe where they get stuck or confused
  • Give them "Tasks" to accomplish on your site and learn how easy (or hard) it is (e.g., "find bronze taco holders for your next Taco Tuesday")
  • You can even have your competitor's site reviewed to see what they're doing right and copy best practices (you sneaky, sneaky sumo)

Before you drop tons of cash on a new theme or redesign, get this deal and know exactly what needs to get improved.

How much faster could you grow your business with even a 10% improvement on your site?

Normally, 5 tests on TryMyUI would run you $175. Today, you can get your site tested for only $10 each!

Click here to buy 5 user tests now for only $49!

P.S. Need more tests? Buy two and get up to 10 tests at this AppSumo exclusive rate!

$49  $175

Starts In

TryMyUI User Testing

  • 5 user test credits to test your website + 1 free month of Team Plan analytics
  • Order desktop user tests with 1 credit or mobile tests with 2 credits
  • Credits never expire. Use when you're ready.
  • MultiĀ­user login for sharing and managing projects
  • Crowdsourced key insights with the UXCrowd
  • New customers only
  • SUS data for system usability/SEQ data for task usability
  • Get up to 20 minutes of video & audio feedback per user
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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