Hello prized developer, a.k.a. "Unicorn".

This is a love letter for you.

I've been looking for you. It's so hard to find you 'cause you prefer to be making things behind a computer instead of looking for a new job.

I know, I do, too.

Wow, so many I's when this post is actually all about YOU.

So: Why bother reading this and why did I write it?

Cheap trick => I'll personally send you a $10 Chipotle gift card. How? Only the worthy will find out.

"Choose Your Own Adventure" part:

1- Keep reading if you think you are one of the best developers you know, you love the idea of creation through programming & you enjoy tacos.

2- Stop reading if you just want a "job", if working in a fun team culture doesn't matter to you or if you hate the amazingness of Austin, TX.

Want to know the secret about developers? Ready?

The BEST developers are already employed and actually like their jobs. Dang, so how are awesome hiring companies supposed to find them?

First, 5 pieces of flattery for you:

  • 0- Your code is magical
  • 1- The way you can do MVC programming is impressive
  • 2- I love how fast you can type
  • 3- Wow. Didn't know you knew all those UNIX commands
  • 4- It's so hot that you use Chrome 'cause it loads faster

  • Feeling good? Great. That's how you should always feel. Think of this as a sneak preview of how I personally and we at AppSumo would make you feel on daily basis.

    So what's the point of all this?

    When you do average things, you get average people. We don't really like hiring those people.

    Here's the deal: AppSumo—which helps professionals discover tools and learning to kick more ass—is at a bottleneck. We are bottlenecked by only having 2 amazing developers. We are looking for 1 more.

    So why would you be interested in checking out AppSumo?

  • 0- "Generic thing that all companies say"
  • 1- You'll get to be your own boss.
  • 2- It's pretty fun to work on something that impacts the lives of 700,000+ professionals daily
  • 3- We pay above-market rates, but if you're just looking for a "job", then we're really not the right place for you
  • 4- It's nice to work on a "real" business aka a profitable one...
  • 5- We aren't the "Groupon of..." and personally dislike emails. We need your help with complex and interesting technical challenges in moving away from that.

    Since text is boring I thought I'd add a few photos to make you more convinced that I want to talk to you :)

    This is me sad 'cause I'm spending my whole day looking for you

    Now I'm kinda happy 'cause you are still reading this post

    Here are some of the teammates at work. Their faces aren't as blurry in real life.

    Pretty neat. We have an outdoor patio and are right on 6th street (Google it).

    You made it this far. Don't be perverted!

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