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Friday Freebie: Validation Cheat Sheet

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

August 9, 2013

This guide will teach you how to validate and start a business that actually makes money

It’s back again my dear sumo-lings ... FRIDAY FREEBIE TIME!

Last month, when we had our Ultimate Entrepreneur Getaway in Seattle with the entire AppSumo team and 10 sumo-lings, we all spent one day working on something just for you.

Ultimate Entrepreneur group

Here's all of us brainstorming what to make for you.

What we loved the most was hearing the stories of what these sumo-lings went through to start their own businesses.

We realized ... “Wow there’s a lot of knowledge these guys have that should be shared.”

So we took everyone’s tips on how they got their first 3 customers and how they validated their businesses and made the ... Validation Cheat Sheet.

What is validation and why is it so important?

Like we teach in our How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business course, validation is when you determine whether or not people will pay you for what you're offering.

It's what will stop you from wasting valuable time and money on business cards and making websites ... and focus on actually starting your business that makes money.

The Validation Cheat Sheet is for anyone trying to start a business with a:

  • Digital product - Selling online courses, software, anything digital
  • Physical product - Anything physical ranging from iPhone cases to exercise playing cards
  • Service business - Freelancing, piano teaching, consulting, etc.

Here's a sample from the validating physical products section:

Example from the Validation Cheat Sheet

Get the cheat sheet and see how we validated these ideas.

We're giving you this beautiful cheat sheet ... for free! Yeah, that means you get to eat an extra taco for lunch today :-)

Share this with your friends while it's free!

Validation Cheat Sheet

  • 10-page PDF.
  • Research and real-world examples of how digital/physical/service businesses were started.
  • Tips and tools used to get first 3 customers.

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