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It always feels like somebody's watching me...

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

September 18, 2016

A VPN is the easiest way to get a fast, private, and secure internet connection. Get your Jason Bourne on with one of the best VPNs on the market.

Do you work from coffee shops, travel internationally, and have 6 passports in a safe deposit box in Zurich?

No? Just the first two?

Okay, well today's deal is perfect for you.

You see, unless you're using a VPN (virtual private network), nothing you do online is private.

A VPN encrypts and protects everything you do online, and can be downloaded as an app on your phone or computer.

Protect yourself from people stealing your credit card info, your Gmail login credentials, or (worst of all) getting blocked from watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

You need to be using a VPN if you:

  • Connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks (like airports or coffee shops)
  • Visit sites you'd rather keep private (hint hint)
  • Make online purchases (don't get your debit card hacked)
  • Legally use bittorrent and want to keep your downloads private
  • Or travel to places with internet censorship

Don't let incognito mode fool you, you NEED to be using a VPN.

Top global entrepreneurs know that a VPN is the only way to stay safe and protect your privacy when browsing the Internet.

We tested out dozens of VPNs and by far, our favorite was VyprVPN. It's a little pricier than competitors, but the speed, security, and ease-of-use make those extra costs well worth it.

Last year, we brought you a one-year deal and y'all gobbled it up:

Get VyprVPN for only $39

Frank is clearly amped about VyprVPN.

Well this year, we bring you an even better deal.

Get 3 simultaneous connections for only $39! (that's 60% off the regular price!)

Click here to get one year of Pro access now for only $39!

What makes VyprVPN better than it's competitors?

  1. Firstly, they own their 700+ global servers so your service is blazing fast (I completely forgot I was using it on my iPhone).

  2. Unlike their competitors (who use 3rd parties to host their VPN servers and DNS), VyprVPN writes 100% of their software, manages their network, owns the DNS, and even owns the hardware enabling them to deliver you fast and reliable VPN service.

    They're the only company handling your data so your privacy and security are protected from end-to-end.

  3. The company has been around since 1994. They were even in the room when Al Gore invented the internet.

  4. It's super simple to use. Download the app, turn it on, and you're protected.

  5. Lastly, the ratings are some of the best I've found during my research:

Get VyprVPN for only $39

I used VyprVPN in Germany to watch YouTube video without being blocked by GEMA, browse Netflix like I was back in the states, and answer emails without worrying my data would be leaked.

Their customer service is unmatched and the last time they heard the word "throttle", Will Smith was saving us from Aliens.

Normally access to VyprVPN Pro (which includes unlimited browsing on any three devices at a time) would cost you $99. A bargain for the peace of mind it provides all year.

Instead, we got you one year of access for little more than $3 bucks a month!

Click here to get one year of access now for only $39!

Lastly, before anyone asks, no we can't do a lifetime deal on this. Unlike other VPNs and sites that sell "lifetime deals" and then throttle you to nothing, VyprVPN believes in giving you fast, unrestricted internet access with unlimited browsing/downloading. They can do this by maintaining their own (fast) servers which have ongoing costs, so a lifetime deal would be impossible to swing.

Get it now and get your Jason Bourne on.

$39  $99.96

Starts In

1 Year Access to VyprVPN Pro

  • Beautiful, easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV and your router
  • World's fastest VPN with a worldwide server network
  • Chameleon technology to defeat VPN blocking
  • For new users only
  • Credit card entry required (Sorry for the inconvenience. Checkout system requires a credit card for account creation)
  • 3 simultaneous connections with unlimited data and NAT firewall included
  • 30ish day money back guarantee. No matter the reason

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