Learn how to stop being a wantrepreneur and start taking action!


Are you a "wantrepreneur?"

"Wantepreneurs" spend money before they make money, are afraid of failure and give up RIGHT before they're about to be successful.

Most successful entrepreneurs have tried 10-20 ideas before a huge success... have you tried ANY yet?

I want to help change all that for you today.

Watch this video how I "attempt" to start a Disc Golf business

Key things for you to learn for starting your own business:

  • Validation technique: Pre-sales. I didn't bother making a disc no one wanted.

  • Focus on something you're interested in. For me it is disc golf, I did not try to do a random thing like medical devices.

  • Work backwards from what people were already saying they would give money for.

  • Keep things simple. My main goal was to get people to reply to wanting the disc, then to discuss pricing, etc.

  • Scarcity worked well for me in this instance in that I only tried to sell the amount of discs I needed to beat Chad.

What I tweeted to get customers

Did I succeed? Watch below:

Next Step to take:

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Start hustling,
Chief Sumo

If you have a question about joining the course, feel free to email me anytime*.

*warning: I may be busy eating tacos so it may take me up to 24 hours to respond :)

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