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Deep marketing insights without all the legwork

Olman J
Olman J

July 26, 2017

Grab these sleek digital marketing reports before this deal ends

Lifetime Access to Whatagraph's AppSumo Plan

If you've ever had to put together a digital marketing report for your boss or client, you know the struggle is real.

But, those days are over for all the Sumolings who've jumped on the Whatagraph deal we brought y'all last week!

The AppSumo Reports are part of this custom deal we’ve wrangled for you Sumolings! Use your own company logo at the top!

Whatagraph is an automated marketing performance reporting platform for digital agencies, consultants, freelancers, and marketers looking to impress the boss.

This one-stop shop lets you create, edit, and share digital marketing reports from multiple platforms with ease!

A few neat things about the reports:

  • Reports can be shared manually or they can be sent out automatically to an email list. (I use the automatic option so that I don't let my boss down... again.)

  • They can be flexible. As in, you can set custom date range reports to focus on exactly what you need to focus on.

  • You'll be reminded when new comments need to be added to the report.

Working with colleagues is as simple as adding them to your dashboard.

These Sumolings have already jumped in on the Whatagraph fun:

Lifetime Access to Whatagraph's AppSumo Plan

Lifetime Access to Whatagraph's AppSumo Plan

Lifetime Access to Whatagraph's AppSumo Plan

We all know that report-generating tools are not cheap.

Which is why we were stoked when Whatagraph agreed to let Sumolings have lifetime access to a special AppSumo plan for just $49! (A plan that is valued at $840 a year!)

This plan comes loaded with features Sumolings will love.

Take a look:

Lifetime Access to Whatagraph's AppSumo Plan

If you want to upgrade to the Agency Plan, you can do so whenever you want, at just 30%. (And if you try it and realize you'd rather stick with the AppSumo plan, you can always switch back to it.)

Whatagraph is also throwing in a couple of webinars--late this month and in August--to teach Sumolings how to be Whatagraph superstars. (Dates will be announced as soon as they're set.)

All this for only $49.

Pretty awesome, right?

The only catch is you have less than 48 hours to get your code!

So you better move your feet!

Click here for a lifetime supply of amazing digital marketing reports!

P.S. Sumolings are also entitled to everything on Whatagraph's roadmap. Take a look at what's in store:

Lifetime Access to Whatagraph's AppSumo Plan

$49  $2,520

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Whatagraph

  • Lifetime access to Special Appsumo plan
  • 20 data sources
  • Unlimited reports (export as PDF)
  • Custom branding/logo in the report
  • Automated reports to 5 email recipients
  • Minimal branding
  • Purchase additional profiles for $5/each (one-time) until Aug 17
  • All future updates & integrations for Business Plan are included
  • Add/remove/switch data sources allowed (there is a waiting period to prevent abuse)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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