AppSumo presents

Where Are My Customers? 

a course by Noah Kagan

Three customer hunter videos:

Jewish women love coupons.

Noah reviews the site which makes modest clothes for religious women.  Noah shows HOW TO FIND THOSE WOMEN and sell them:

Notice how you GO TO WHERE THE CUSTOMERS HANG OUT!  Don't wait for them to come to you.  Playing hard-to-get with your business isn't always the best strategy. 

ProspectSnap 1
Let's first SEE who the customers would be

This is a review of an iPhone app called ProspectSnap.  The first video shows Noah going over the business in general:

ProspectSnap 2
Let's RIP IT APART and find the customers

Watch how Noah works backwards and identifies the customers for ProspectSnap

Try this with your own business to start finding YOUR customers: 

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