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Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

September 6, 2016

Today we bring you another lifetime deal with WiseIntro, the newest cool tool from our friends at WiseStamp

Let's talk email signatures.

You've got your name, your title, those are a given.

But, that link? That needs work. Why? It's not relevant to all of your audiences.

Like what are you linking to now?

Your blog?

Your company's website?

Your Instagram?

Why not let your users decide the website that's most relevant to their needs?

Well with WiseStamp's newest tool, WiseIntro, you give your visitors that power.

Get lifetime access to WiseIntro for only $25!

You can have a beautiful customized intro page up in seconds!

Get lifetime access to WiseIntro for only $25!

Pretty sweet, huh?

With WiseIntro's awesome drag and drop builder and deep third party integrations, your readers will be able to follow your every move.

Send them to your Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube channel, point to any URL with custom call-to-action buttons, or show off your latest blog posts, all right from your customized webpage.

What's the catch, you ask?

For the regular public, this awesome tool with all of the premium features, free hosting, and removable branding (custom domains coming soon) would cost them $84/year. But you're no regular public!

You're a SUMO-ling!

And so you get it for $25 LIFETIME!

Click here to get WiseIntro lifetime access for $25 now!

Look at all the cool integrations it includes:

Get lifetime access to WiseIntro for only $25!

RSS, Instagram, YouTube, you name it!

You want it? You got it!

Get lifetime access to WiseIntro for only $25!

Get lifetime access to WiseIntro for only $25!

Now instead of sending your mom to your legal department, your boss to your Facebook, your sales leads to your youtube channel, and your secret admirer to who knows where, use WiseIntro and get the perfect traffic cop for only $25!

For lifetime access!

Click here to get it now!

Get it now before this deal sells out!

$25  $500

Starts In

Lifetime Access to WiseIntro

  • Get your own beautiful webpage in seconds
  • Lifetime access to drag and drop builder with premium integrations
  • Lifetime access to premium support
  • Background videos, customizable mobile-responsive design, and removable branding
  • Only 1 active profile per account currently supported
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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