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Supercharge your email signatures

Olman J
Olman J

May 22, 2017

Get your game-changing email signatures before our WiseStamp deal ends

Sumolings spend their fare share of time sending emails.

Because of this, we knew Sumolings would be ecstatic when we unrolled our WiseStamp deal last week.

However, some of you Sumolings didn't grab the deal and thus are missing golden opportunities to plug yourselves and your work.

Check out what these Sumolings have to say about WiseStamp:

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

WiseStamp is for anyone who wants to create an email signature that will drive recipients to websites and recent work.

These drag-and-drop signatures are easy to customize and can be used on Gmail, Google Apps for Work, Office365, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL.

The hardest part about setting up your signature is choosing from the all of the amazing templates WiseStamp offers!

Once you've picked a template, attach your best selfie and link all of your social media accounts and blog/portfolio.

Because the signatures are dynamic, your most recent work will always be displayed.

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Traditionally, WiseStamp's Pro Plan is priced at $72/yr.

This plan includes:

  • No WiseStamp branding (people won't know how you created such a cool signature)

  • Premium templates & design features

  • Custom social icons

  • Unlimited different signatures

  • Priority support

But, if you grab your code before this deal runs out, you can get lifetime access to WiseStamp's Pro Plan for only $29!

If you're wondering when this deal runs out, the answer is within 24 hours!

So hurry and get your code now!

Get a lifetime supply of awesome email signatures right here!

P.S. You can connect it to all of your personal email accounts (just not to emails with a different name).

$29  $360

Starts In

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp's Pro Plan

  • Lifetime Pro membership
  • Premium templates & design features
  • No WiseStamp signature promotion/branding
  • Unlimited different signatures
  • Connect all your email accounts
  • Custom social icons
  • Reply/forward signatures
  • Premium support
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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