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[FREEBIE ALERT] $49 tool used by the CEO of Slack

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

August 5, 2015

Be more productive than ever with WorkFlowy Pro, today 100% free!

Chris is stressed

Busy Bob, head of acquisition marketing, wakes up late, rushes through breakfast, gets stuck in traffic, and shows up late to his first meeting.

Christina is not

Calm Christina, a sales executive, wakes up at 6am, enjoys breakfast at home while she reads "Ready Player One", bikes to the gym, and strolls into work 30 minutes before her first meeting to plan her day.

Why is Christina so much more productive?

Her secret is WorkFlowy.

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Half to-do list, half planning software, WorkFlowy is one of the most intuitive productivity apps I've ever used:

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WorkFlowy works by creating expandable lists that lets you see both the 40,000 foot view as well as what needs to get done today.

This way Christina can check her WorkFlowy and know exactly what she needs to work on instead of reacting to "urgent" emails, notifications, and office visits.

Used by the CEO of Slack and the founder of Twitter, WorkFlowy is simply one of the best productivity tools out there. It feels like a Moleskin for the 21st century.

Normally, their pro plan (which includes unlimited usage, themes, backups, and password protected team sharing) would cost you $49/year.

Instead, in this AppSumo exclusive, you get it 100% FREE! (no credit card required)

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FREE  $49

Starts In

One Year of WorkFlowy Pro

  • One Year of WorkFlowy Pro.
  • Unlimited lists.
  • Password protected sharing.
  • Fonts and themes.
  • Dropbox backups.

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