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    Move your leads across marketing tools with one automated platform

    Collecting new leads should feel exciting, but migrating all that data is a huge chore. (“For the sake of my poor fingers, maybe Q3's goal should be FEWER leads.”)

    Not only is manually importing leads from different marketing tools tedious, but it also increases the chance of human error.

    What if you could find a way to automate the entire migration process with just one tool?

    Say hello to LeadsBridge.


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    Migrate your leads across 380+ marketing tools without manually uploading spreadsheets
    Alternative to: Zapier
    Automate your email outreach for new leads
    Best for: Agencies, marketers, and sales teams that want to automate lead data transfers between tools in their sales funnels


    LeadsBridge integrates with major advertising platforms, allowing you to automatically move new leads across your marketing tools.

    LeadsBridge lets you upload your lead data across marketing tools without manually importing any spreadsheets.

    You’ll be able to move lead data across your marketing stack in real time and reach out to potential customers as soon as they interact with your ad.

    Skip the busywork so you can spend more time engaging with new leads in your funnel.

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    LeadsBridge helps you automate lead generation and focus on customer outreach.

    You can create connections (or “bridges”) between different platforms to easily migrate data.

    Just choose your data source and the destination for the transfer, and use the Field Mapping feature to match information with the right data points.

    When you’re ready, you’ll be able to activate your new bridge in just one click!

    Best of all, LeadsBridge will continue to migrate your new leads, so you can focus on connecting with potential customers.

    Connect platforms

    You’ll be able to transfer your leads between marketing tools in just three steps!

    LeadsBridge partners with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and TikTok, so you have the most efficient solutions for your lead generation right at your fingertips.

    You can evaluate multiple sales funnels without switching between different tabs.

    Plus, you’ll be able to upload your leads to over 380 marketing tools that also integrate with the platform.

    Field mapping

    LeadsBridge partners with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and TikTok to streamline lead gen.

    You can keep track of your incoming leads, generated from your campaigns and moved across platforms, right from the LeadsBridge dashboard

    Grant your clients access to the dashboard to show off campaign results at your next meeting.

    Plus, you can even share one account between 10 users, so your team can collaborate on the same campaign.

    Dashboard view

    It’s easy to keep track of your newly acquired leads right from your dashboard.

    It's hard building your dream business when you're having nightmares of messy spreadsheets. (“Apparently I’m not proficient in Excel, but I am proficient in crying.”)

    LeadsBridge lets you instantly transfer lead data across your marketing tools and advertising platforms in just three steps.

    Do less busywork and more work-work.

    Get lifetime access to LeadsBridge today!

    From the founders



    Partner Community Moderator

    April 11, 2022

    Hey there Sumo-lings, Carolina here from AppSumo!!💃🏻

    How excited are you that LeadsBridge is now available at AppSumo?🤩🤩

    We are thrilled because this tool:

    🚀Automatically moves your new leads across your marketing tools

    🌉Creates “bridges” between different platforms by using the Field Mapping feature

    💪🏻Keeps track of your newly acquired leads right from your dashboard

    Let LeadsBridge simplify your life so you can spend more time engaging with new leads!!👏🏻👏🏻

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