AppSumo Partners

Let Us Be Your Seed Round

We’ve helped launch 1K+ startups and generated millions of dollars in revenue for our partners.

Giving up part of your company in order for growth is a tough pill to swallow. 
AppSumo brings you the launch strategy, early adopters, and the funding needed without taking any equity.

Benefits of an AppSumo Partnership

Launch your product to a million entrepreneurs

You’ve got the tech, we’ve got the reach. With nearly a decade of product launches under our belt, we can get your tool in to the right hands.

Get hands-on business consulting from our world-class team

Need marketing and business development help? We’re here for it. Our team is available to guide you through your launch and beyond.

Leverage the power of the Sumo-ling community

Our vocal and passionate community of beta testers and micro investors is ready and able to help you get your product to the next level.

Are You A Good Fit?

Your product is live

We partner with products that people are already paying to use. Bonus Points: We also look for integrations (i.e. Zapier, Slack, G Suite, etc.)

You've got "Product/Sumo-ling" fit

If your product is too niche, your product probably won’t work on AppSumo.
(Example: CRM tool for lawyers? ; CRM tool for B2B? )

You've got stability

We don’t discriminate if you’re VC funded, crowdsourced, or bootstrapped. But you do need to show that you have a plan and runway for your product.

Ready to Launch?