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This Deal is Sold Out

Don't ever relive this heartbreak— enter your email to get the latest deals!

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Face-to-face meetings with customers used to mean fighting rush hour traffic, sweaty handshakes, and talking uncomfortably close to people.

Fortunately, you can join the rest of the dry-palmed Sumo-lings by getting one of the best video chat tools out there: 24sessions.

But you have to act soon, because codes for this deal are getting low.


With automated scheduling, high-quality video technology, and interactive feedback, 24sessions gives you everything you need to connect with customers online.

For as long as we have codes, you can get your hands on the 24sessions Standard Plan, which includes:

  • Unlimited video chat meetings for life

  • Use your own logo and brand colors

  • Document and screen sharing

  • Instant post-meeting reviews

  • Meeting recordings; store up to 2GB for free (~500MB per hour for a video recording)

  • Up to 6 people in one meeting room/video chat

  • Automatic meeting confirmations and reminders

  • Calendar integration (Office 365, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.)

  • Smart booking and live now forms

  • Zapier integrations for applications like Slack, Salesforce, or Hubspot (coming soon)

  • The 24sessions platform is currently available in English and Dutch

  • 25% discount on all future users for life!

Usually, this plan goes for $360 a year.

However, if you get your butt in gear and beat your fellow Sumo-lings to the punch, you can get lifetime access for just $69!

This phenomenal, all-in-one video solution will not be here long.

Unleash the power of video chat now!

These Sumo-lings are getting up close and personal with clients thanks to 24sessions:

Lifetime Access to 24sessions

Lifetime Access to 24sessions

Thanks to easily embeddable booking forms, customers can schedule meetings instantly.

Once a meeting is scheduled, 24sessions syncs your appointments into Office365, Outlook, or Google calendars. (It even takes care of rescheduling.)

All customers need to do to enter a high-quality video chat with you is input the booking code into the 24sessions website or mobile app. (No one needs to download extra software.)

With the ability to record chats and obtain feedback, 24sessions gives you the intel you need to improve demos and service.

Additional software, the constant emailing to schedule, and unreliable video technology are just not cutting it anymore.

You need a better way to connect with customers.

And 24sessions is the answer.

Get lifetime access for just $69 before we run out of codes.

Start connecting with customers now!

    • AppSumo Offer

    • One Time Purchase of

      • Lifetime unlimited video-chat meetings

      • No downloads or installations

      • Works on web and mobile

      • Includes document and screen sharing

      • Add your own logo and brand color

      • Instant post-meeting reviews

      • Store up to 2GB of recordings free

      • Zapier integration (coming soon)

      • Reports & dashboard

      • 25% discount on all future users for life!

      • Calendar integration (Google, Outlook, Office 365)

      • User & group management

      • Automatic meeting confirmations & reminders

      • Live now forms (connect instantly)

      • Smart booking forms (get bookings!)

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