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Disclaimer: The Alugha lifetime offer has ended. However, you can still get yearly access to the AppSumo Starter Pack for the discounted and locked price of $99 (retail value: $552). 

You’re ready to share your videos with the whole wide world.

But like a certain coyote chasing after a desert roadrunner, you’re hitting a big wall—the language barrier.

You could spend countless hours emailing translators and voice actors, juggling tools, and creating separate videos for each language.

Or you could say aloha to alugha.


Produce video transcripts, translations, and voice-overs in a unified workspace and collaborate in real-time on live projects

Alternative to: Vimeo and Wistia

Publish your video on a multilingual video platforms or embed it on your own website with a brandable player

Best for: Video agencies, videographers, and producers with international ambitions looking to create videos for all audiences

Alugha is a video translation tool that streamlines the production and collaboration process for high-quality content tailored to international audiences.

Alugha handles every step in the translation process without ever leaving its online workspace, Dubbr.

Once you upload your video, you can transcribe it yourself, or use the AI Buddy to automatically generate a transcript.

Adding new languages is as simple as adding new tracks, then translating the script right into the target language.

With the text translated and transcribed, you can move on to the fun part: voice-overs.

Transcribe, translate, and record a voiceover right from the Dubbr platform!

Voice-overs are divided into segments based on the transcription text.

You can record right in alugha, where you’ll dictate the text, check it for quality, edit or re-record if necessary, then head to the next segment.

Breaking the translation down into bite-size pieces lets you nail the delivery and mitigate mistakes—you’ll be done with voice-overs in no time!

You can’t speak every major language, as much as Duolingo reminds you to try. That’s why alugha makes collaboration a cinch.

Record the audio for each language in quick segments for easy editing and adjustment!

Invite collaborators to your project with a click of a button, then delegate tasks—like translation or voice-overs—for a target language.

All the project files, including subtitles, audio, and voice-over tracks, are available in a centralized location, so you can skip the endless email threads.

Collaboration happens in real-time, so you can check voice-overs and provide direction or specify revisions.

(Yes, you can adopt your favorite stage voice and say, “Once more, with feeeeeeling!” or go with the classic “More cowbell.”)

Easily manage your entire project with real-time, centralized collaboration!

Now that your video is ready for the spotlight, it’s time to push it from the production nest.

Directly host your video on alugha to make sure your translated tracks are instantly available.

Plus, you can customize the branding of the player to match your website or theme.

Alugha supports embedding on Twitter, Medium, Kickstarter, and other popular platforms for multilingual playback ready for the masses. Videos are encoded to run super smooth on iOS and Android, too.

The best part? Any changes to the audio or subtitles are automatically synced and updated across platforms for a hassle-free experience.

Embed the videos to your website or major platforms, plus customize the player for your brand!

Since your video is now a multilingual superstar, the last thing you want is to make users find their preferred language manually.

That’s why alugha’s smart video player technology automatically recognizes the viewer’s preferred language and loads the correct video and subtitles.

Expect a nice SEO bump, too, since the video will appear separately for each language, and search engines treat them all as different content.

Plus, thanks to the lightning-fast content delivery network and single language-track delivery, playback is seamless, even on mobile.

Alugha’s video player automatically loads both the video and subtitles in the user’s preferred language!

You’ve got great content that’s practically begging for a global audience.

The problem is all the grunt work it takes to translate even one video, let alone cover all the major languages. ¡Ay, caramba!

We gave alugha a try with our own product demo video! Check it out:

Give your videos the translation, transcription, and voice-over treatment they deserve, without juggling tons of tools and email threads to get it done.

Get one year of access to alugha today!

P.S. Learn how to use alugha like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

    • AppSumo Offer

    • Deal Terms
      • 1 Year of access to alugha Annual AppSumo Starter Pack

      • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

      • GDPR compliant (partner verified)

      • Only for new alugha AppSumo Starter Pack Annual users who do not have existing accounts

      • Annual deals are not stackable with previous LTD deals

      • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

    • Alugha Annual AppSumo Starter Pack

      Payment of

      • Unlimited brands

      • Unlimited audio tracks

      • 1 hour automated transcription

      • 5,000 total encoding minutes

      • 5,000 total video storage minutes

      • 7,500 minutes streaming per month

      • Hosting on alugha

      • Hosting on YouTube instead of alugha

      • HLS and MPEG-DASH support

      • Adaptive streaming

      • 2 audio channels

      • 1440p video quality

      • 6 public watchlists

      • 30 videos per watchlist

      • Extended SEO functions (blogs)

      • Convert YouTube video into an alugha video

      • Enhanced analytics

      • Whitelist support

      • Translation editor

      • Online recording/dubbing

      • Subtitle

      • Speech to text

      • Real-time collaboration

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